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Place of residence Abode
Final, complete, without conditions Absolute
Postpone or suspend the hearing of a case until a future date Adjourn
Adjourn for an indefinite time Adjournment sine die
Written statement setting out financial position and sworn or declared before a commissioner for oaths/solicitor or court officer empowered to administer oaths Affidavit of means
An order for maintenance pending suit, financial provision order, property adjustment order etc Ancillary relief
An annual payment of a sum of money Annuity
To make void or invalid Annul
A defence of a divorce Answer
A statement of arrangements for the children of the family which is filed at court with the divorce petition. It lists their proposed residence, education, contact arrangements, etc Arrangements for children
Action or conduct by one of the parties which affect the other party Behaviour
Marriage to a second person while still married to the first person Bigamy
Living together as man and wife Cohabitation
Agreement, usually in secret, for some deceitful or unlawful purpose Collusion
Co-habitation without being legally married - has no basis in English law Common law marriage
Forgiveness of a matrimonial offence and restoration of the offending spouse. This is no longer an absolute bar to divorce Condone
Third party cited in divorce proceedings - generally refers to adultery Co-respondent
A law, judgement or order of the court in relation to dissolution of marriage Decree
Final order dissolving the marriage Decree Absolute
Conditional divorce decree. Requires a written application after six weeks to make it absolute, as long as Judge is satisfied nothing has changed in that time Decree Nisi
Country where a person intends to have their permanent home Domiciled
Status of child born outside lawful wedlock Illegitimate
The offices of a Judge or District Judge which is closed to members of the public In chambers
A court order which restrains or compels someone to do a particular act Injuction
Ground for breakdown of marriage Irretrievable breakdown
Administration of justice Judicial
An act resulting from the exercise of judicial power, such as the determination by the court of a question of rights Judicial act
Remedy based on a judicial decree under which, whilst the marriage is not dissolved, it becomes no longer necessary for the Petitioner to cohabit with the Respondent Judicial Separation
Power of court or judge to hear and decide on a case Jurisdiction
Status of child born in lawful wedlock Legitimate
Court to which public has access Open court
Proceedings pending in court (ie waiting to be heard) Pending suit
Written application praying for relief or remedy Petition
Person filing petition for divorce Petitioner
A person (who is not an officer of the court) who makes a living tracing people and serving papers on them in person Process server
Declared Pronounced
New term for Legal Aid Public Funding
Act of harmonising differences and settleing disputes Reconcilliation
One against whom a petition for divorce is presented Respondent
Created by: Davinder Heer
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