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Appendix C

Absorption Amount of medication that enters the bloodstream
Accreditation recognition of an institution
Ambulatory Pharmacy Provides medication services to ambulatory patient
Automated Dispensing Technology Robotics that secures medication and dispenses to caregivers
Automated medication dispensing device
Bioavailability The percentage of an administered dose that reaches the bloodstream
Brand-name drug A drug that is covered by a patent/sing manufacturer
Buccal Absorbed through the cheek
Centralized dispensing Automation
Certification An non-governmental agency that recognizes an individual for completing predetermined qualifications
Chain Pharmacy corporately owned pharmacies
Community Pharmacy stand-alone pharmacy
controlled substances Federal controlled substances Act
Decentralized Pharmacy A pharmacy satellite
Dispensing Act of preparing an medication
Drug distribution Services System used to distribute medication
Expectorate To cough
Generic no longer covered by a patent
HIPAA Protection of patient privacy
Inhalent A mist through the mouth into the respiratory tract
Intra caridac Injected into the heart Muscle
Intra dermal Injected into the top layers of the skin
Intra Muscular Injected into a large muscle mass
Intra peritoneal Abdominal cavity
Intra pleural Sac that surrounds the lungs
Intra venous Injected directly into a vein
intra thecal Injected around the spinal cord
legend drug Dispensed by prescription only
Licensure Government grants permission to practice your occupation in the state
Lozenge A sugar based medication that dissolves in the mouth
Medication order A request for patient medcation
National Drug Order Used to identify a drug
ointment A semi-solid medication applied to the skin
over-the-counter without prescription
Parenteral bypasses the gastrointestinal tract
Patient counseling the act of educating a patient
Pharmacists Has advanced training in pharmaceutical sciences
Pharmacy satellite Decentralized pharmacy
Prescription Authorization by an authorized prescriber
Primary prescription label A label affixed to a dispensed drug products
Proffessionalism "putting the needs of others before your own"
Subcutaneous just under the skin
Sublingual Placed under the tongue
Technician Assists the pharmacists
Topical External parts of the body
Transdermal Through the skin
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