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jacobs 1-3

Chemical weathering the decomposition of earth materials because of chemical reactions that include oxidation, hydration, and carbonation
Aquifer underground porous and premeable rock that is capible of holding groundwater. Especially rock that supplies economically significant quanties to wells, ect.
Seismic Waves Vibrations within the earth, set off by earthquakes
Sinkholes A deep suface depression formed when ground collapses into a subterranian covern.
Richter Scale a logirithmic scale used to express the magnitude of an earthquake.
Tsunami sea waves generated when an earthquake, eruption, or underwater landslide abruptly moves the seabed, julting the waves above.
Fold a bend or wrinkle in rock resulting from compression and formed when the rock was in a plastic state.
Faults Breaks or fractures in rocks produced by stress or movements in lithosperic plates
Conic Projections used to portray hemispheres. a map projection based on projection of grid system onto a cone as the presumed developable surface.
Conformal Projections A map projection on which the shapes of small areas are accurately portrayed.
Scale amount of reduction on a map.
large scale map lots of detail, shows a small area.
Small scale map lose detail, ex. a world map
Weather what is happening outside. -precipitation, temperature, wind, ect.
Climate weather over time. the averages, extremes, patterns, temperature, and percipitation in an area.
Troposphere Where most of the weather occurs.
Summer Solstice June 21, north is pointed toward the sun.
Aphelion July 4th, the eath is furthest from the sun. 94.3mm
Perihelion Janurary 4th, earth is closest to the sun!!!!
Igneous Rocks formed by the cooling and solidification of molten rocks.
Intrusive Rocks formed below the ground- magma, quartz, granite
Extrusive Rocks formed above the ground- lava, fledspar, basalt
Sedimentary Rocks are composed of particles of gravel, sand, silt, and clay that were eroded from already exsisting rocks. ex. limestone, shale, sandstone, conglomerate
Metamorphic rock are formed by ignious and sedimentary rocks by earth forces that generate heat, pressure, or chemical reactionsshale-slategranite-marble
Air Masses large bodies of air with similar temps, and humidity characteristics.
Soil A layer of fine material containing organic matter (dead plants/animals), inorganic matter (weathered rock materials), air, and H2O that rests on the bedrock underlying it.
Ogallala Aquifer Supplies 1/4 of all groud water in the country. used for irrigation.
Hurricanes an intense tropical cyclone, begins in a low pressure zone over warm water usually in the Northern hemispher. Has a calm eye. winds exceding 75mph.
tornado the most violent of all storms. also the smallest storm. tornadoes are created by huge cululonimbus that sometimes travel in advance of a cold front. winds 300 mph.
Continental Drift The theory that all land masses were once connected and then they drifted away from each other because of plate techtonics.
Alfred Wegner 1912, proposed the theory of continential drift
Distortion in Maps SADD, Shape, area, distance, direction. you can portray either shape or area accurately but not both.
Equal area/ equivlant Maps maps that are equal in area.
Absolute Location exact location, latitude and longitude
Realitive Location the position of a place in relation to other places or things. not exact.
Absolute Distance exact measurements -miles, kilometers
Relitive Distance takes about an hour to get there, its around the corner. the mall is 5min away.
Earth age 4.7 billion yrs.
Minerals A mineral is a naturally occuring substance formed through processes that has a chemical compositions.
Reflections Solar radiation is sent back to outerspace or diffused in the troposphere. Clouds and snow help to to reflect radiation.
Reradiation the process where the earth absorbs the energy and the energy and then returns it back to the atmosphere in the form of terristrial radiation.
percipitaton water particles-rain, sleet, snow, or hail- that falls from the atmosphere that reach the earths surface.
Earth Crust thin cover of rock that lies on top of the lithosphere.
Lithosphere a thin but strong solid shell of rocks, the outermost layer of the earth composed of crust and the upper mantal.
Land breeze air flow from the lane toward the sea resulting from a night time pressure gradient that moves winds from the cooler land to the warm sea
Sea Breeze air flow from the sea toward land resulting from a day time pressure gradient that moves winds from the cool sea to the warm land
Formal Region a reginon that is distinguished by simalar characteristics1
Vernacular Regions rigions people believe to exist ex midwest
Lattude lines running east and west but measured north and south, from the equator to the poles
The Grid System lattuitde and longuitude based on 3 points noth and south poles and the equator imagirnay lines
longuitude lines running north and south but measured east and west, from 0 degrees (prime meridian, greenwich, england) to 180
Functional Region a region deffinend by what occurs within it may have fuzzy bourndies
Cultural Landscapes The visible imprint of human activity, its a responce to people ,ex copper hill and EPA
Orographic Percipitiation occurs when warm air is forced to rise because of hills or mountouns percipitation on one side and dry on the other
Conventional Percipitation results from rising, heated, moisrure laden air as it rises it cools producing rain
Oxbow lake cressent shaped lake contained in an abbonded meander of a river
Aesthenosphere partially nolten layer theat supports the lithosphere
orthophont map a multi colored distortions free aril photo graph
Loess a diposit of wind blown silt
Created by: jennifer08