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Word of The Day

Reading Plus

Bias A tendency to believe that some people,ideas, etc. are better than others, usually in results in threatening people unfairly.
Acknoledge To say that you accept or do something; to show that something has been received.
Omit To leave out or not include; fail to do something.
Connotation An idea or quality that a word makes you think about in addition to its meaning.
Concur To agree with something
Context The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.
Grit A choice one makes to put forth effort and stay focused over long periods of time.
Relevant Purposeful to the matter at hand.
Attainable Able to be reached.
Tentative Not done with confidence.
Context The words that are used for a certain word or phrase that help to explain its meaning.
Grit A choice one makes to put forth effort and stay focused over long periods of time.
Relevant purposeful to the matter at the hand.
Attainable able to be reached.
Characterize To describe the character or special qualities of someone or something.
Significant large enough to be noticed or have an effect ; very important.
Reslove To find a solution to something; to make a definite ans serious decision to do something
Strategy a careful plan or method for achieving a paticular goal
Optimism A choice one makes to be confident; belief that a positive future will come.
Denotation The ( dictionary) meaning of a word or phrase
Irrelevant Not important or relative to what is being discussed
Mind-Set A personal belief or an attitude about something
Created by: ZebraJordi13