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1-7 Vocab

Vocab Study

abscond to sneak away and hide
acerbic biting, bitter in tone or taste
banal dull, commonplace
cajole to thicken, clot
congruity the quality of being in agreement
decry to criticize openly
dissuade to persuade someone not to do something
elicit to bring forth, evoke
epitome the perfect example
fractious troublesome or irritable
furtive secretive, shy
hardy capable of surviving through adverse conditions
impeccable exemplary, flawless
impregnable resistant to capture
irascible easily angered
judicious having or exercising sound judgement
laudatory expressing admiration or praise
meritorious worthy of esteem or reward
mutable able to change
noxious harmful, unwhoulesome
onerous burdensome
ostensible appearing as such, seemingly
poignent deeply affecting, moving
sycophant one who flatters for self-gain
cept to take, to hold
cir around
de away from
duct to lead
ful full of
non not, the reverse of
pre before
re again
se apart
ty the state of
cede to go
ful full of
ist one who makes, does
logy the study of
mal bad
ment the act of
per through
tract to draw
accost to confront boldy
adept extremely skilled
bane a burden
chastise to criticize severely; to discipline
compunction a feeling of guilt
deferential showing respect for another's authority
diligent showing constant effort
efface to wipe out, rub away
ephemeral short lived, fleeting
genial friendly, affable
harrowing greatly distressing
incorrigibale incapable of correction
lucid clear, easily understandable
nonchalant having a lack of concern, indifferent
ornate excessively decorated
paragon a model of excellence or perfection
perplex to confuse
quell to control or diffuse a potentially explosive situation
rebuke to express sharp, stern disapproval of; to reprimand
repulse to disgust
staid sedate, serious, self-restrained
surmise to infer with little evidence
tacit expressed without words
tenuous having little substance or strength
vigilant watchful, alert
ambi both
ver truth
anim mind
spir breathe
bell war
col together, jointly
domin master
e out of or away
fore in front of, previous
gress to step, to go
ambivalence simultaneous and contradictory attitudes and/or feelings toward something
verity something that is true (as in principle, belief, idea, or statement)
equanimity mental or emotional stability or composure
aspiration a strong desire, longing or aim; an ambition
bellicose inclined or eager to fight; aggressively hostile
colloquial characteristic of ordinary or familiar conversation(as opposed to formal speech)
domineering inclined to rule despotically; overbearing; tyrannical
eloquent characterized by forceful and appropriate expression; movingly expressive
foreboding a strong inner feeling of future misfortune
digress to deviate or wander away from the main topic
ambiguous open to or having several possible meaning =s or interpretations
veracious habitually speaking the truth
pusillanamous lacking courage or resolution; cowardly
respire to breathe freely again after anxiety, trouble, etc.
bellow to roar, to violently shout
collude to act together through a secret understanding, especially with an evil or harmful intent
predominant having power, authority, or influence over others
emissary a messenger
forbearance a refraining from something; patient endurance; self-control
transgression violation of law or command
phil love
art skill
caust burn
circum around
counter opposite, contrary
fus pour
icon image
idio peculiar
junct join
flu to flow
philander to have many amorous affairs or flirtations (man)
philanthropy altruistic concern for human welfare; usually shown by charitable donations of time, money, etc.
artisan a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson
artifice trickery, craftiness
caustic harsh or corrosive tone; bitter; sarcastic
circumlocution a roundabout or indirect way of speaking
circumvent to get around; to dodge
circumscribe to restrict
counterintuitive different from what you would expect
countermand to cancel an order (and usually issuing a new one)
effusive expressing a lot of emotion
profusion a large amount of something
iconic widely recognized and well established
iconoclast a person who criticizes or opposes beliefs that are widely accepted
idiomatic peculiar to a particular group, individual, or style
idiosyncrasy a characteristic, habit, or mannerism that is peculiar to an individual
disjunction a lack of connection between things that are related or should be connected
confluence a flowing together
superfluous beyond what is needed; not necessary; extra
mellifluous having a smooth, flowing sound
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