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west africa chap. 23

study of ruinsand remains from past cultures archaeology
main source of aluminum bauxite
stretching in bands across an area zonal
region of dry grasslands that has a steppe climate sahel
belief that trees and other natural objects have spirits animism
fly that transmits sleeping sickness , a deadly disease tsetse fly
millet and sorghum staple crops
dry,dusty wind that bows south from the sahara during winter harmattan
disease spread by mosquitoes malaria
spoken info passed from person to person through the generations oral history
breaking away from a country. the ibo tried this in 1690s nigeria secede
largest desert on earth sahara
storytellers who pass on their tribes oral history griots
trees that produce seeds used to make cocoa and chocolate cacao
most important river niger
.cultural center of the kingdom of songhay until about the 1600s timbuktu
the sahel countries are all former colonies of this european country france
one of the poorest countries on earth chad
richest natural resources nigeria
has occasional rain,scattered tall trees, and thick grass savanna
only island country in west africa cape verde
most people in mali,niger,and mauritania are what religion muslim
Europeans profited of this enslaving
liberia was home to these people freed slaves
what gov doesn't exist in west africa communist
most populated country in west africa nigeria
means has no access to the coast landlocked
headdresses,turbans,veils colorful cotton fabrics clothing
95% of nigerias exports are related to this product oil
senegal shares a border and close ties gambia
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