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RADT465 Equipment/QC

ARRT registry review covering equipment operation and quality control content

Voltage ripple for single phase generator 100%
Voltage ripple for 3 phase 6 pulse 13-14%
Voltage ripple for 3 phase 12 pulse 3-4%
Voltage ripple for high frequency generator Less than 1%
What material is the glass envelope made of pyrex
The _______ focal spot is always smaller than the _______ focal spot effective; actual
The input phosphor converts _______ to _______ xrays to light
The photocathode converts _______ to _______ light to electrons
Uses negative lenses to focus electrons and speed them up electrostatic lenses
The output phosphor converts _______ to _______ electrons to light
"MAG" up reduces the area being exposed but increases mA and patient dose
How many volts are required for an xray circuit to operate 220V
Operates on self induction and allows for minor changes in voltage autotransformer
Input phosphor sizes 25cm, 17cm, 12cm
Allows for images to fall within an acceptable range on a mixed population of patients AEC
The back-up timer is set to ___% of the amount of expected exposure 150%
Incoming electrons slow in the target atom and energy is released Bremsstrahlung
With Bremsstrahlung, the greater the direction of change, the ______ xray energy higher
Incoming electron ejects inner shell electron in the target atom Characteristic
Only ___________ inner shell electrons can produce diagnostic xrays K shell (69kVp)
Ohm's Law V=IR
As frequency increases, wavelength ___________ and energy ___________ decreases; increases
Ability to display different details spatial resolution
Ability to display different gray shades contrast resolution
Created by: rgrieger