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ARRT Review: 465

ARRT Review: Equipment and Quality

spatial resolution refers to ______ ____ which is also improved when the phosphor layer is thinner recorded detail Lange pg. 302
safe and accurate operation of equipment quality control lange pg 304
input phosphor of image intensifiers is made of what cesium iodide lange pg 312
if the anode angle is too steep it can affect what anode heel effect lange 314
what is set in the use of apr technique for part worksheet
most x rays have the energy of ___ of the max kvp picked in bremsstrahlung 1/3 worksheet
in Bremsstrahlung, the more the electron slows the _____ energy given off more worksheet
the inner shell of Characteristic gives __KVP 69 worksheet
Characteristic affects what shell (s) inner worksheet
deposits energy to inner shell electron which kicks that electron out Characteristic worksheet
only _ shell electrons of characteristic, can cause xrays k worksheet
when outer shell electron drops in to fill inner shell then that energy of characteristic causes what xray worksheet
__ cycles of sinusoidal wavelength per 1 sec 60 worksheet
__ pulses of energy per 1 sec 120 worksheet
kvp x ma x sec x generator factor x exposures heat questions worksheet
V= I x R ohm's law
frequency and wavelength are ___ proportional inversely worksheet
affects spatial resolution pixel size worksheet
fluoro output can not exceed _ R/min 10 worksheet
poor washing of film hyporetention worksheet
Created by: schwenk