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Ch 8 and 9 test

quiz yourself on Tobin's chapter 8 and 9 test

Boundary a vertical plane that cuts through the airspace and grond to determine ownership of land
Types of Boundaries Geometric Boundary, Physical Bondary
Centrifugal Forces Forces that bring people apart
Centripetal Forces An attitude that tends to unify a group of people and enhance support for a stateExamples:Media, religion, language, a national anthem, a national flag, and nationalism
Chinese Nationalists states that Taiwan is a single sovereign state; apart from China. This situation was caused by a civil war between nationalists and communists in China. The nationalsits lost and moved to Taiwan
City-States a sovereign state that comprimises a town and the surrounding countryside
The Cold War During the cold war, countries were polarized into two regions, one allied with the former Soviet Union and the other allied with the United States. Witht the end of the Cold War, the global political landscape changed funamentally
Colonialsm attempt by one country to establish settlements and to impose its political, economic, and cultural principles in another territory; Example: Great Britain trying to force their way of life onto the new colonies
Compact States a state in which the distance from the center to any boundary does not significantly. These states provide the most geographic stabilityExamples: Poland, Iceland, Demographic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe
Developement the process of improving the material conditions of people trough diffusion of knowledge and technology
Domino Theory the theory that states that the countries are aligned up together, that if one country falls, the other countries will fall in a domino effect
Elongated State states that have a long, narrow shape. Thse states can create seperatists areas due to distance from the center to the coreExamples: Vietnam, Chile, Norway
European Union
Federal State
Created by: cchen0815
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