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PTCB practice#2


Which of the following drugs is a NSAID?a)Toradol.b)Bretylol.c)Efficol.d)Geritol. a)Toradol
Tagamet, Axid, and Pepcid are examples of a:a)dopamine receptor blocker.b)H2 receptor blocker.c)ACE Inhibitors.d)beta blockers. b)H2 receptor blocker
What is the % equivalent of a 1:8 ratio? 12.5%
What would be the proper course of action if a technician accidentally had skin contact with a cytotoxic drug? Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately and seek medical attention
How would you identify a medication in a drug recall situation?a)by its generic name.b)by its trade name.c)by the manufacturers bar code.d)by the drug lot#. d)by the drug lot#
Which of the following is the most accurate device for measuring liquids?a)cylindrical graduate.b)conical graduate.c)beaker.d)a 2oz. cup a)cylindrical graduate
Narcan is categorized as a:a)narcotic agonist.b)dopamine agonist.c)narcotic antagonist.d)dopamine antagonist. c)narcotic antagonist
Which of the following medications is commercially available as a patch?a)morphine.b)meperidine.c)codeine.d)fentanyl. d)fentanyl
Which of the following is an example of a side affect of antineoplastic therapy?a)bone marrow suppression.b)increased red blood cell formation.c)increased white blood cell formation.d)increased platelet formation. a)bone marrow suppression
The NDC on a medication bottle refers to the:a)manufacturer.b)drug product.c)quantity packaged.d)all the above. d)all the above
How old must person be to sign the exempt narcotic log:a)16 years old.b)18 years old.c)21 years old.d)25 years old. b)18 years old
Which of the following dosage forms is formulated to mask an objectionable taste of a medication?a)sublingual tablets.b)chewable tablets.c)buccal tablets.d)film-coated tablets. d)film-coated tablets
Which of the following dosage forms has the highest concentration of alcohol in its formulation?a) a syrup.b)an elixir.c)a tincture.d)an emulsion. c)a tincture
A hermetically sealed container is impervious to:a)radiation.b)sunlight.c)air.d)none of the above. c)air
Which of the following medications is an OTC analgesic?a)FeSO4 tablets.b)diphenhydramine capsules.c)ketoprofen tablets.d)DSS capsules. c)ketoprofen tablets
What is the maximum number of refills permitted for a Schedule III medication?a)5 refills.b)no refills.c)1 refill.d)prn refills. a)5 refills
Patient information for Cerumanex would include the following:a)how to instill eye drops.b)how to apply and rotate a patch.c)how to instill ear drops.d)how to use an inhaler properly. c)how to instill ear drops
Who is responsible for the drug recall process?a)OSHA.b)OBRA.c)FDA.d)NBA c)FDA
Oral syringes are:a)available in two sizes.b)sterile products.c)made from glass only.d)unable to accept a luer-lock needle. d)unable to accept a luer-lock needle
Which of the following is not a technician responsibility?a)signing the DEA form from the wholesaler.b)asisting in the controlled substance inventory.c)prepacking of controlled substances.d)preparing controlled substance dispensing report. a)signing the DEA form from the wholesaler
A homecare pharmacy compounds 50 TPN orders daily.Which device would assist in the preparation of these orders?a)Baxter ATM machine.b)Automix.c)Macromix.d)Automated System Mixer. b)Automix
What is the storage requirement for reconstituted cefaclor 250mg/5ml?a)-4 to 14 degrees F.b)36 to 46 degrees F.c)46 to 59 degrees F.d)59 to 86 degrees F. b)36 to 46 degrees F
Which of the following medications is availble by Rx only?a)phenylephrine.b)loperamide.c)diphenhydramine.d)omeprazole. d)omeprazole
Which of the following statements is appropriate for a laminar flow hood?a)test the HEPA filter every 2 years.b)work at least 3 inches within the hood.c)clean the hood from back to front.d)clean the hood from front to back. c)clean the hood from back to front
Needles used to prepare IV solutions should be discarded by:a)snipping them into a Sharp's Container.b)ziplocking them in bags labeled "Biohazardous Waste".c)throwing them away with the regular trash.d)placing them in a recycle bin for sterilization. a)snipping them into a Sharp's Container
Which of the following products would be contraindicated in a patient who has had an aphylactic reaction to ASA?a)Percocet.b)Percodan.c)Tylox.d)Fioricet/codeine b)Percodan
What is the therapeutic generic equivalent for Benadryl?a)ephedrine.b)phenylpropanolamine.c)phenylephrine.d)diphenhydramine. d)diphenhydramine
Which of the following auxiliary labels should be affixed to a Rx for diphenhydramine elixir?a)May Discolor Urine.b)May Cause Drowsiness.c)Take With Food or Milk.d)Shake Well and Refrigerate. b)May Cause Drowsiness
Schedule II medications must be ordered in which of the following ways?a)completing the proper DEA form.b)calling the manufacturer directly.c)calling the wholesaler directly.d)calling the Bureau of Controlled Substances. a)completing the proper DEA form
Which of the following routes of administration produces the quickest onset of action of a drug?a)PR.b)PO.c)IM.d)IV. d)IV
Which auxiliary label should be affixed to the vial when dispensing metronidazole?a)May Discolor Urine.b)May Cause Drowsiness.c)Shake Well and Refrigerate.d)Do Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages. d)Do Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages
The directions for Fosamax states "10mg po qd pc".The technician should bring this to the pharmacist's attention because the medication should be taken 1/2 hour before breakfast
Which of the following is not required on a unit-dosed packaged drug?a)expiration date.b)lot#.c)storage requirements.d)strength of medication. c)storage requirements
An overdose of morphine would cause:a)diarrhea.b)enlarged pupils.c)CNS stimulation.d)respiratory depression. d)respiratory depression
Which of the following medications would be used to treat an ear infection?a)SMZ-TMP.b)AZT.c)INH.d)HCTZ. a)SMZ-TMP
If a patient cannot tolerate a NSAID, which one of the following medications may he/she take?a)indomethacin.b)piroxicam.c)acetaminophen.d)ketorolc. c)acetaminophen
A Patient Package Insert must be dispensed with which of the following medications?a)norethindrone.b)betamethasone.c)spironolactone.d)prednisone. a)norethindrone
A Rx states "Norvasc 5mg #100 1tab po qd." If the third party coverage limits the dispensing to a 30 day supply, the pharmacy should: dispense a 30 day supply with refills.
The primary function of the P+T Committee is to:a)set standards for credentialing of the pharmacy staff.b)work with the State Board of Pharmacy to enforce pharmacy standards.c)establish standards for therapeutics. c)establish standards for therapeutics
Federal law requires which of the following information to be documented on a daily basis?a)a log of controlled substances dispensed.b)patient profiles of prescriptions dispensed for the first time.c)a running inventory of all drugs dispensed. a)a log of controlled substances dispensed
Federal regulations require a Package Patient Insert (PPI) to be dispensed each time when which medication is dispensed?a)nitroglycerin patches.b)antibiotic eye drops.c)analgesics containing codeine derivatives.d)estrogens. d)estrogens
Which of the following medications belongs to the same class of drugs as etodolac?a)phenylephrine.b)diclofenac.c)haloperidol.d)cefactor. b)diclofenac
The PPI for oral contraceptives is required to be dispensed:a)each time the Rx is despensed.b)only upon the request of the prescriber.c)the first time the Rx is dispensed.d)is never dispensed with the prescription. a)each time the Rx is despensed
A Rx reads "hydrocortisone 1% clotrimazole 1% aa ap qhs".How many gms of hydrocortisone would be required to make 90gms? 45gms HC+45gms clotrimazole
The Poison Prevention Packaging Act requires childproof packaging for all madications except:a)prednisone.b)nitroglycerin.c)isosorbide dinitrate sl.d)ASA 5gr b)nitroglycerin
Which of the following medications is Schedule IV substance?a)paregoric.b)triazolam.c)diphenoxylate with atropine.d)dronabinol. b)triazolam
To which drug classification does the drug prochlorperazine belong?a)antifungal.b)antibiotic.c)antiemetic.d)antineoplastic. c)antiemetic
The computer term "mneumonic" is defined as:a)a shortened term used to facilitate data entry.b)a barcode used for reordering medications.c)a special font used for pharmacy symbols.d)a back-up hard drive to store prescription information. a)a shortened term used to facilitate data entry
What type of Drug Recall occurs when a drug is not likely to cause a temporary adverse health consequence? Class III recall
A retail pharmacy receives an extra 1/2%discount on a $437.89 invoice from the wholesaler. This calculates to be a savings of: $2.19
Which of the following federal regulations requires that a pharmacist council Medicaid patients?a)Medication Safety Act.b)Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.c)Health and Safety Act.d)Patient Counciling Act. b)Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
What information is required to be posted on each cell of an automated counting device? Name, strength, lot# and expiration date of drug.
Phenytoin is available in which dosage form?a)200mg sustained-release capsules.b)100mg chewable tablets.c)125mg/5ml oral solution.d)30mg/5ml oral solution. c)125mg/5ml oral solution
The term "AWP" stands for:a)American Way Products.b)Automated Wholesaler Pricing.c)Automation Whith Perfection.d)Average Wholesale Price. d)Average Wholesale Price
Which category of drugs stimulates the release of insulin in the body?a)hypoglycemic agents.b)hyperglycemic agents.c)hypoallergenic agents.d)hyperallergenic agent. a)hypoglycemic agents
Terbutaline belongs to which drug classification?a)antineoplastic.b)anthelmintic.c)bronchodilator.d)antihypertensive. c)bronchodilator
Which drug information source would a technician use for information concerning the dosing of a newly marketed antihypertensive? Facts and Comparisons
If a third party payor specifies a maximum 1 month supply for a specific drug and the directions for use state "i cap po qid," how many units of the drug may be dispensed? 120
Which problem can be avoided by administering a drug IV?a)local irritation.b)infiltration.c)aspiration.d)intoxication. c)aspiration
Which class of drugs would be administered for a dry, hacking cough?a)antitussive.b)expectorant.c)nasal decongestant.d)antibiotic. a)antitussive
Penicillin V is commercially available in which strength?a)1.2 million units.b)400mg.c)2.4 million units.d)500mg. d)500mg
The C designetion controlled substances applies to:a)Schedule II drugs.b)Schedule I+II drugs.c)Schedule I-IV.d)Schedule I-V. d)Schedule I-V
tetracycline should not be admonistered with of the following beverages?a)apple juice.b)orange juice.c)milk.d)water. c)milk
The CDC is the regulatory commission responsible for:a)infection control.b)hazardouz drugs.c)new drug applications.d)waste disposal. a)infection control
Which of the following vitamins are fat siluble?a)vitamins B and C.b)vitamins A and D.c)thriamine and riboflavin.d)all the above. b)vitamins A and D
Methylphenidate belongs to which schedule of controlled substances?a)CI.b)CII.c)CIII.d)CIV. b)CII
NTG is prescribed for the treatment of:a)hypertension.b)arrhythmias.c)angina pectoris.d)hyperglycemia. c)angina pectoris
If a Rx is labeled "ii gtts au tid", the drug product may be:a)Cortisporin Otic.b)Cortisporin Ophthalmic.c)Cotrisporin Topical Cream.d)any of the above products could be dispensed. a)Cortisporin Otic
If state and federal pharmacy law differ, which law applies?a)local law.b)state law.c)federal law.d)the more stringent law. c)federal law
Which of the following drugs is a calcium channel blocker?a)quinidine.b)digoxin.c)nifedipine.d)captopril. c)nifedipine
The cost of 500 tablets of ibuprofen 400mg is $62.28. If your pharmacy marks up the cost by 13% and adds a $2.35 dispensing fee, what would be the retail charge for 120 tablets? $19.23
If apatient has a severe adverse reaction after prior administration of a drug, this would be referred to as:a)an anaphylactic reaction.b)a drug misadventure.c)an habituation reaction.d)an antianxiety reaction. a)an anaphylactic reaction
The porpose of the horizontal laminar flow hood is to: provide a sterile environment for admixture compounding.
Lovastatin would be prescribed to:a)decrease blood pressure.b)increase blood sugar.c)treat a fungal infection.d)decrease cholesterol. d)decrease cholesterol
Reconstituted Ceclor is stable in the refrigerator for:a)10 days.b)14 days.c)21 days.d)28 days. b)14 days
Needle gauge represents:a)the length of the needle.b)the diameter of the needle.c)the size of the hub of the needle.d)none of the above. b)the diameter of the needle
Label directions for a Rx read"ii gtts os q4h".Where should this medication be instilled? in the left eye
Th chemical structure for sodium bicarbonate is:a)Na2H2CO3 b)NaH2CO3 c)NaHCO4 d)NaHCO3 d)NaHCO3
After syringes are used for preparation of hazardous substances, the pharmacy technician shoud: recap the needle and place it in the Sharp's Container.
All of the following preparations contain ibuprofen exept:a)Advil.b)Anacin.c)Motrin.d)Nuprin. b)Anacin
Who is responsible for the initial ordering of investigational drugs?a)P+T Committee.b)nursing.c)pharmacy.d)MD. d)MD
Which of the following medications is prescribed to treat CHF?a)carbamazepine.b)doxycycline.c)captopril.d)glipizide. c)captopril
The purpose of complyng with "Universal Precautions" is to: prevent the transmission of blood-borne pathogens.
DEA from 222 allows the pharmacy to:a)manufacturer controlled substances.b)order controlled substances.c)destroy controlled substances.d)all the above. order controlled substances
Which of the following medications is available in transdermal form?a)codeine.b)diazepam.c)clonidine.d)clonazepam. c)clonidine
The first set of numbers of an NDC identifies the:a)drug product.b)dosage form.c)package size.d)manufacturer. d)manufacturer
Drug within which class of Controlled Substances contain no legal use?a)CIV b)CIII c)CII d)CI d)CI
The two-letter code assigned by the Orange Book indicates the:a)least expensive generic equivalent available.b)bioavailability of generic drugs.c)therapeutic equivalence of generic drugs.d)none of the above. c)therapeutic equivalence of generic drugs
The "computer access code" for pharmacy software is used to:a)access prescription files.b)exit the program when finished.c)transmit data off-line.d)maintain prescription computer files. a)access prescription files
Which class of drugs decreases the viscosity of respiratory tract secretions?a)antihistamines.b)vasoconstrictors.c)antitussives.d)expectorants. d)expectorants
The pharmacist must complete DEA Form 222 to obtain which of the following medications?a)alprazolam.b)acetaminophen with codeine.c)oxycodone.d)butabarbital. c)oxycodone
An abnormal irregular hearlbeat is referred to as:a)bradycardia.b)arrhythmia.c)tachycardia.d)fibrillation. b)arrhythmia
Pharmacoeconomics refers to: a)drug expense and outcome data analysis.b)the number of prescriptions filled.c)the number of compounded prescriptions filled.d)all of the above. d)all of the above
The pharmacy technician is filling a prescription for Zithromax and notices in the patient profile that the patient is taking EES tablets.This is an example of:a)a drug interaction.b)a contraindication.c)a therapeutic duplication.d)an adverse reaction. c)a therapeutic duplication
The active ingredient of a drug product is labeled USP. This standard is set forth in:a)the United States Pharmacy Act.b)the United States Pharmacopeia.c)the National Formulary.d)the United States Pharmacy Service. b)the United States Pharmacopeia
Cocaine belongs to which category of controlled substances?a)CI b)CII c)CIII d)CIV. b)CII
Phenytoin is available in which dosage forms? a)tablets.b)capsules.c)IV injection.d)all the above. d)all the above
Which of the following ophthalmic medications must be refrigerated?a)Tobrex.b)Gantrisin.c)Genoptic.d)Viroptic. d)Viroptic
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