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equipment and QC

What is Bremsstrahlung radiation? When a high-speed electrons path is changed and the loss of kinetic energy is transferred into the form of an x-ray photon (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
An easy way to remember Bremsstrahlung radiation? Bremsstrahlung radiation= braking radiation, ( the electron is slowed down and gives of x-rays that can have multiple reactions) (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Comprises 70%-90% of the x-ray beam Bremsstrahlung radiation (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
interaction where a high-speed electron ejects a k-shell electron from it's orbit and other electrons move to fill it's vacancy emitting an x-ray photon Characteristic radiation (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
How much energy does characteristic radiation require 70keV (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Is Characteristic or Bremsstrahlung radiation useful in producing radiographs? Bremsstrahlung (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
x-rays have what kind of frequency and wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum? High frequency, short wavelength (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
where do x-rays fall on the energy spectrum? electromagnetic energy (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Principle factor that controls quantity of x-ray photons mAs (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Principle factor that controls quality of x-ray photons kV (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Three ways x-ray photons can interact with matter? 1- Pass through 2- Be absorbed 3- Scatter (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Changes mechanical energy to electrical energy Generator (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Changes electrical energy to mechanical energy Motor (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
current with constant changing of polarity and amplitude AC/ Alternating current (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
operates on the principle of self-induction Autotransformer (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
process that uses solid state diodes to convert AC to DC Rectification (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
positive electrode of x-ray tube where x-ray photons are created Anode (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
negative electrode of x-ray tube where electrons are directed toward target spot Cathode (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
T/F the stator is outside the glass envelope? True (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
T/F Is the rotor inside the glass envelope? True (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Atomic number of Tungsten (W) 74 (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
Principle that states that the effective focal spot is always smaller than the actual focal spot Line Focus Principle (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
T/F The production of x-rays is a very efficient process False, Most of the energy used to create x-rays is converted to heat. Only 0.2% is converted into x-rays. (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
3 reasons why Tungsten is a good target material 1- High atomic number (74) 2- High melting point (3410 Celsius) 3-Thermal conductivity to dissipate heat (D.A. Saia, Rad Prep)
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