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RADT 465

ARRT Registry Review Covering Equipment Operation and QC

Defined as the thickness of any absorber that will reduce the x-ray beam intensity to one half its original value? Half value layer Pg. 506 (Prep)
This type of radiation comprises 70-90% of the x-ray beam? Bremsstrahlung radiation Pg. 286 (Exam)
This type of radiation encounters a tungsten atom and ejects a k- shell electron leaving a vacant k-shell? Characteristic radiation Pg. 286 (Exam)
What part of the tube rotates the anode? Induction motor Pg. 287 (Exam)
When heated to incandescence, the filament liberates electrons is known as? Thermionic emission Pg 287 (Exam)
Defines as the potential difference existing between two points? Voltage Pg. 286 (exam)
Property of a circuit that opposes current flow? Resistance Pg. 286 (Exam)
Quantity of stored electricity? Capacitance Pg. 286 (Exam)
More than ___ % of electrons kinetic energy is changed to heat energy? 99% Pg. 282 (Exam)
Functions to maintain brightness and contrast on the output screen image corrects errors in x-ray beam attenuation adjusting kv and mA? Automatic brightness control Pg. 485 (Prep)
Refers to the percentage drop of maximum voltage each pulse of current experiences? Voltage Ripple Pg. 280 (Exam)
Refers to the percentage drop of maximum voltage each pulse of current experiences? Voltage Ripple Pg. 280 (Exam)
Receives remnant radiation emerging from the patient and converts it to a fluorescent light image? Input phosphor Pg. 280 (Exam)
What is the photocathode made of? Photoemissive alloy Pg. 280 (Exam)
Focuses electrons to help maintain image resolution? Electrostatic focusing cup Pg. 280 (Exam)
All components of a circuit device located before the primary cold of a high voltage transformer are considered to be? Primary of low voltage Pg 289 (Exam)
The use of a ____ focal spot is essential to the maintenance of image sharpness in magnification images. Fractional Pg. 289 (Exam)
The ______ the focal spot the more limited the anode is with respect to quantity of heat it can safely accept. Smaller Pg. 292 (Exam)
Caused by high energy, short wave length, electromagnetic radiations that break apart electrically neutral atoms? Ionization Pg. 442 (prep)
A generator converts mechanical energy to _____ energy? Electrical Pg. 446 (Prep)
True or False: X-ray tubes have atleast two filaments, one for each focal spot. True Pg. 453 (Prep)
Created by: bspayne93