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Chap 6 Imaging1

The X-Ray tube. Carlton/Adler.

What 4 things are needed for the production of X-rays? Source of electrons, target, high voltage, vacuum.
What is the Cathode assembly's main purpose? To create a thermionic cloud.
What charge is the cathode? Negative.
What is the filament made of? Tungsten.
The filament length and width impact what? Detail.
Focusing cup is made of what? Nickel.
What is the charge of the focusing cup? Negative.
What does the focusing cup do? Compresses the thermionic cloud, houses the filament.
Describe the space charge effect and where it takes place. The focusing cup has a negative charge, so the electrons of the thermionic cloud are repelled because of their negative charge. The electrons fall back onto the filament while others jump off.
The components of the anode assembly are? Anode, stator, rotor.
What are the functions of the anode assembly? Target surface, conducts high voltage, primary thermal conductor.
What is the rotating anode made of? Tungsten-rhenium alloy.
Where are x-ray photons created? The target area/focus/focal track.
What is the line focus principle? when the target angle is less than 45 degrees, the effective focal spot is smaller than the actual focal spot.
What is the most common target angle? 12 degrees
What controls the effective and actual focal spot sizes? The effective spot is controlled by the actual focal spot, which is determined by the length of the filament.
What is important about focal spot sizes? The effective focal spot is important for recorded detail. The smaller, the better image. We need a large actual focal spot to help control heat.
Describe the anode heel effect. The anode side of the tube has less radiation intensity than the cathode side, about 30-40%.
Per the anode heel effect, which side should be positioned towards the thickest part of a body? The cathode side should be towards the thicker portions since it has more radiation intensity.
What is outside of the envelope? Stator.
Describe the relationship between the stator and rotor. When the stator is energized the rotor turns.
What is the rotor made of? Copper cylinder witha molybdenum stem.
What is the envelope made of? Glass or metal.
Length of envelope? 10"
What are the purposes of the housing? Control leakage and scatter radiation, isolate high voltage, provide means to cool tube.
What is the housing made of? Lead-lined cast steel.
What is off focus radiation? Photons that are not produced at the focal spot are "off focus" or "extra focal"
Calc of heat units. HU = kVp x mA x time
The use of the line-focus principle causes a problem known as the ____ effect? anode heel effect.
When does melting of the anode commonly occur? When the rotor or stator stops spinning.
When does cracking of the anode commonly occur? When it hasn't been warmed up.
What affects the production of a thermionic cloud? Filament diameter, length, and temp.
The focusing cup has what charge? negative.
The area of the focal spot that is projected out of the tube toward the object being radiographed is the? Effective focal spot.
Leakage radiation from the lead-lined housing must not exceed what? 100 milirem.
The advantage of a high speed rotor is what? Dissipates heat better.
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