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Mock Rad board

In order to best demonstrate the cuboid bone best, the foot should be: Inverted 45 degrees
In fluroscopy, the ______ changes light to electrons. photocathode
Which of the following is an example of a cathartic? a. barium b. aspiring c. valium d. castor oil d. castor oil
Radiation leakage from diagnostic x-ray tube housing can not exceed _____ at 1 meter: 100 mr/Hr
For one person CPR, compression to breath ratio is: 30:1
a dilated blood vessel due to weakening of the vessel's walls is termed an ____? a. aneuyrsm b. thrombosis c. embolisim, hernia a.aneuyrsm
In the blood pressure reading 135/75 the number 75 respresents which heart phase? diastolic
How many degrees should the patient be rotated from horizontal to best visualize the apophyseal joints in the thoracic vertebrae? 70 degrees
What is the best view to demonstrate arthritis of the knee joint? Uprt. PA slightly bent
To demonstrate the left zygapophyseal joint of the patients lumbar area, the pateiient should be placed in which position? LPO
What are the inter space material for analog grids made out of? aluminum
Which of the following is NOT a disease transmitted via a vector? a. malaria b. Lyme c. Monkey Pox d. ring worm ring worm. ring worm is a fungus
Which of the following views would best demonstrate the placement of a central venous line? a. AP chest b. Ap abdomen c. Ap pelvis d. lateral cervical a. AP chest
Teo demonstrate loculated fluid in the right lung, which view would be most helpful? Rt. lateral decubitus
CR for lateral skull should be placed? 2.5 cm anterior and 2.5 cm superior to the EAM
what type of grid cut off occurs when the tube and the bucket are not in alignment? Off center aka latera decenetering
what type of grid cut off occurs when the grid is tilted? Off level
Which of the following is not part of the mediastinum? a. lung b. trachea c. thoracic duct d. larynx a. lung
The higher the gird ratio the ______ the scale contrast. shorter
What happens to image contrast when temperature increases? image contrast will decrease
is empyema or additive or destructive disease? addititive
What is used to measure the effective Focal Spot Pin hole camera wisonnsin test cassette resolution test - star line pair resolution split camera
The patient positioned for a submento-vertex view. in order to best demonstrate the zyogomatic arches you should: lift the chin 30 degrees
For an apical lordotic view of the chest tin the patient AP, can not let patient, the tube should be angled? 15- 20 degree cephalad
what is the formula to calculate brightness gain? brightness = minification x flux gain
what is the formulate for mininification gain? minification on gain = (diameter of output / diameter of input) squared
Created by: lxdavies