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Patient Evaluation

Monitoring Data

Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2) - measures exhaled carbon dioxide. - using infrared absorption.
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Set-up - once the capnograph is set up - an arterial blood gas is drawn to correlate the values.
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Values - normally the PetC02 will read lower than arterial PCO2 - Paco2 = 40 torr PetCO2 = 30 torr
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Display Value - ETCO2 can be displayed as a percent % - normal value is 3-5%
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Sensors = sensors should be placed proximal to patient airway connection(ETT).
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Increased Value - an increase in the PECO2 or PETCO2 = decreased ventilation ventilator failure.
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Decreased Value - a decrease in PECO2 or PETCO2 = increase ventilation or * decreased perfusion, * deadspace disease * pulmonary embolism * hypovolemia
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Zero Read - reading of 0 or low , = reconnect patient to ventilator
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Low PETCO2 - low PETCO2 readings immediately following intubation = would indicate that the ET tube is in the esophagus
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/CPR - during CPR PETCO2 should increase
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Exhaled CO2 Detectors - exhaled CO2 detector device are available to detect esophageal intubation
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Disposable - non electric portable disposable devices are designed to produce a color change.
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Disposable/Color Change - Purple = Poor - Yellow = Normal
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/False Reading - a false reading can occur in patients who have been without CPR for a period of time.
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Other Usage - maybe used to confirm = tracheal intubation
Monitoring Data Capnography/(ECO2,ETCO2,PetCO2)/Other False Readings - moisture and secretions can cause false readings and obstruct the sample tube (will read zero)
Created by: sukar