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RADT465Image Acq.

ARRT registry review covering Image Acquistion and Evaluation

A series of variable instructions used in x ray imaging Algorithm
What is HVL affected by kVp and beam filtration
what is the grid interspace material made of aluminum and plastic fiber
what part of the CR image plate records the radiologic image photostimulable phosphor
line-spread function and line pairs per millimeter are used to express resolution
photon wavelength is inversely related to photon energy
the luminescent light emitted by the PSP is transformed into the image seen on the CRT by the ADC
the radiation dose received by the digital detector for each image is indicated by exposure indicator
potential postprocessing tasks include annotation and inversion/reversal
solid-state detector receptor plates, a direct-capture imaging system, and immediate image display are all characteristics of what form of imaging DR
compared wit ha low-ratio grid, a high-ratio grid will absorb more scattered radiation and absorb more primary radiation
a term used to describe unsharp edges of tiny radiographic details blur
focal spot blur is greatest on which end of the x ray beam the cathode end
the image plate front material can be made of carbon fiber or magnesium
what materials can be used to make the grid interspace plastic or aluminum
an increase in kilovoltage applied to the x ray tube increases the exposure rate
the correct order of the radiographic film processing developer, fixer, washer, dryer
exposure rate will decrease with an increase in SID
a pathological condition that will require a decrease in technique osteoporosis
a device that is used to overcome variation in patient anatomy or tissue density that provides more uniform receptor exposure compensating filter
what is the effect of scattered radiation on a radiographic image fog
the function of the of the developer in film processing change the exposed silver bromide crystals to black metallic silver
in digital imaging the mAs selection has an effect on receptor exposure and patient dose
what is the purpose of the thin layer of lead that is often located in the rear portion of an IP to prevent scattered radiation fog
the purpose of the electroconductive layer of a CR PSP plate facilitate transportation through the scanner/reader
the x ray image seen on the computer display monitor is a analog image
in digital imaging as DEL size decreases what happens to spatial resolution it increases
what test requires two exposures to evaluate focal spot accuracy slit camera
brightness and contrast resolution in digital imaging can be influenced by window level, window width, and look up table
a feature used to display RIS information on current patients modality work list
REFERENCES: Lange Q&A Radiography Examination 10th Edition
Created by: tnwhitfiel