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Chap. 2 Chest

Procedures1. Bontrager.

The chest consists of what 3 sections? Bony thorax, respiratory system proper, mediastinum
Define bony thorax Part of the protective framework for parts of chest involved with breathing and blood circulation.
Define thoracic viscera term used to describe the parts of the chest consisting of the lungs and the remaining thoracic organs in the mediastinum.
What does the bony thorax consist of? Sternum, 2 clavicles, 2 scapulae, 12 pairs of ribs and 12 thoracic vertebrae.
What are the three divisions of the sternum? Manubrium (superior), body, and xiphoid process.
xiphoid process is anterior to what vertebrae? T9-T10
What makes up the respiratory system? Lungs and airways.
What is the mediastinum? Medial portion of thoracic cavity, space between the lungs.
What are two topographic positioning landmarks in the bony thorax? Vertebra prominens (c7) and Jugular notch.
In what projection is locating the vertebra prominens (C7) important? PA.
The jugular notch is in an important landmark for CR placement on what projections? AP.
Where is the jugular notch located? Superior portion of the sternum.
The jugular notch anterior to what prominen? T3
Purpose of the respiratory system? Exchange of gaseous substances between air and blood
What are the four divisions of the respiratory system? Pharynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs
What is the diaphragm? Primary muscle of inspiration.
Define hemidiaphragm. Half of the diaphragm.
What is the pharynx? Passageway for food and air.
Where is the pharynx? Posterior to the nose and mouth, above the larynx and esophagus.
What makes up the roof of the oral cavity? Hard and soft palate.
What is the uvula? The lower posterior aspect of the soft palate.
What is the epiglottis? flips down and covers laryngeal opening during consumption to avoid particles entering larynx and bronchi.
What is the esophagus? Part of the digestive system, connects the pharynx with the stomach.
The esophagus is posterior to what 2 parts? Larynx and trachea.
What are the four parts of the respiratory system PROPER? Larynx, trachea, bronchi, lungs.
Larynx is also known as? voice box.
The larynx is suspended from a small bone called? Hyoid.
The upper margin of the larynx is at level __, and ends at level __. begins at C3 ends at C6
The larynx joins with what structure at C6? Trachea.
Laryngeal prominence is AKA? Adams apple. It is made of thyroid cartilage.
Laryngeal prominence can be found at level __? C5
What is cricoid cartilage? What level can it be found at? Ring of cartilage that forms the wall of the larynx. It is attached to the first ring of cartilage of the trachea, level C6.
The trachea is also known as what? The windpipe.
Where is the trachea located? Anteriorly to the esophagus, extends from junction with larynx at C6, goes down to T4 or T5 where it divides into the bronchi.
Where is the thyroid gland located? Anteriorly in the neck region just below the larynx. Superior to the Thymus.
The right bronchi is... Wider and shorter, more vertical.
How long is the trachea? 11cm.
What is the carina and what is its location? The dividing point of the bronchi, at T5
The ___ is a specific point of reference for CT of the thorax. Carina.
The right bronchus has __ lobes, the left lung has __. 3,2
What are the two fissures in the right lung? the oblique fissure separates the inferior and middle lobes, the horizontal fissure separates the superior and middle lobes
What separates the superior and inferior lobes of the left lung? One deep oblique fissure.
the pleura is? A light, double walled sac enclosing each lung.
Parietal pleura? Outer layer of pleural sac that lines the inner surface of the chest.
The inner layer of the pleura sac that covers the surface of the lungs is called the what? pulmonary or visceral pleura.
Parenchyma is? Functional tissue lungs are composed of.
The descending aorta is ___ to the heart. Posterior.
Midthorax corresponds with what level? T7
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