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Unit 1 Test Science

This review will help you to study for the Unit 1 Assessment.

A student wants to find out if African violets grow better in the sun or in the shade. When he writes his hypothesis, what will be the independent variable? the number of hours of sunlight the African violets receive
A student wants to test the effect of fertilizer on plant growth. She will grow one plant without fertilizer as a control. Why should she perform her experiment with the fertilizer on multiple plants, instead of on just one plant? Using many repeated trials shows that her results are reproducible.
Which of these statements is an accurate explanation of Boyle's Law? The volume of a gas gets smaller when the pressure on a gas increases.
Kathleen made the diagram below to show how scientific knowledge changes over time. Which word or phrase best describes what scientists would do at the point indicated by the blank? new evidence
What term best describes the following statement? "Any two objects exert a gravitational force of attraction on each other." a scientific law
During what step of the engineering process would a scientist most likely go to the library? conducting research
For the picture of the solar powered car, what is the most likely reason the designers of this car would have needed to use research skills? The designers needed to determine which materials have previously been used to create similar cars.
For which of the following applications are physical tools most appropriate? modeling the differences between a human skeleton and a chimpanzee skeleton
Many people who have a disease called multiple sclerosis use drugs called interferons to help keep the disease at bay. Even though interferons give most people who take them flu-like symptoms. people still take them. What best describes this scenario? a trade-off in which a small negative effect is allowed to gain a large benefit
After the results of an experiment, a scientist decides that a long-held scientific theory must be revised. The scientist modifies the theory and tells other scientists. Predict the scientists' reaction, and explain why they might react that way. Scientific ideas are not modified based on the results of just one experiment. Scientific ideas should be modified only after debate and discussion. The scientists will probably not accept the revision, because it is based on only one experiment.
A classmate says an ice cube tray filled with hot water freezes faster than one filled with cool water when he places the tray outside on a freezing winter day. What is a prediction you could test based on your classmate's claim? a prediction that relates water temperature & freezing time (e.g. If the same amount of hot water and cool water are placed in a freezer, then the hot water will freeze faster than the cool water)
What is the independent variable in your experiment for testing the hot water and the cool water? initial temperature of the water
What is the dependent variable in your experiment for testing the hot water and the cool water? the time for the water to freeze
What are two other variables that you will control in the freezing water experiment? any two of the following control variables: the type of water storage tray used, the amount of water in each tray, the location where trays are placed, the time that trays are placed outside, the temperature inside the freezer,
Describe your experimental procedure for the freezing water experiment. e.g. I would measure the two equal samples of cool water. I would heat one sample until it is hot, but not boiling. Next, I would fill an ice cube tray with cool water & an identical tray with the hot water. I would see if the data supports the hypothesis
How will you know if your results in the freezing water experiment support your prediction? e.g. If the water in the cool tray freezes before the hot tray, then I would know the prediction was not correct...
Created by: SKerst44