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RADT 465 Pt care

ARRT registry review covering patient care

an iatrogenic infection is one caused by: physician intervention (Lange Q&A: p 1.)
a patient who is warm, flushed, or feverish is said to be: febrile (Lange Q&A: p. 3)
a cathartic is used to stimulate defecation(Lange Q&A: p. 5)
medical term for hives urticaria(Lange Q&A: p. 10)
best suited blood vessels for determination of pule rate superficial arteries (Lange Q&A: p. 1)
administration of contrast agents for radiographic demonstration of the spinal canal is performed by which parenteral route intrathecal (Lange Q&A: p. 2)
mechanical device used to correct an ineffectual cardiac rhythm defibrillator (Lange Q&A: p. 2)
a small container holding several doses of medication vial (Lange Q&A: p. 2)
stage of infection when infective microbes begin to multiply incubation period (Lange Q&A: p. 3)
type of shock often associated with pulmonary embolism or myocardial infarction cardiogenic (Lange Q&A: p. 5)
what is the needle angle usually recommended for intravenous injections 15 degrees (Lange Q&A: p. 5)
belief that one's own cultural ways are superior to any other ethnocentrism (Lange Q&A: p. 5)
used to effectively reduce the viscosity of contrast media warming (Lange Q&A: p. 5)
most effective method of sterilization moist heat (Lange Q&A: p. 8)
condition which pulmonary alveoli lose their elasticity and become permanently inflated emphysema (Lange Q&A: p. 8)
nosocomial infections are acquired from healthcare facilities (Lange Q&A: p. 8)
venous device used for a patient requiring IV injections at frequent or regular intervals intermittent injection port (Lange Q&A: p. 8)
normal BUN range 8-25 mg/dL (Lange Q&A: p. 8)
pain experienced by an individual whose coronary arteries are not conveying sufficient blood to the heart angina pectoris (Lange Q&A: p. 9)
blood pressure is measured in units of mm Hg (Lange Q&A: p. 10)
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