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Bible Stack #212751

Bible Exodus Moses Stack #212751

In Exodus Chapter 1, the new king of Egypt was unfamiliar with whom? Joseph
The Israelites were brought to Egypt by Famine
What does Exodus mean? Departure or exit
Where in Egypt did the Israelites settle? Goshen
Moses' mother Jochebed
Moses' father Amram
Moses' sister Miriam
Moses' brother Aaron
Ordered Egyptians to kill all the Hebrew first born because he feared the Hebrew would rise and overtake the Egyptians Pharoah
Jobs the Hebrews had in Egypt under Pharoah's command Slaves
Found Moses in a basket on the Nile River Pharoah's daughter
Where did Moses spend the first 40 years of his life? Pharoah's court
Moses killed who Egyptian taskmaster
How did Moses try to hide his murder Bury taskmaster in the sand
Where was Moses forced to flee after the murder Midian desert
What was Moses occupation while in the Midian desert? Shepherd
How many years did Moses spend in the wilderness? 40 years
Who did Moses marry? Zipporah
Moses' father-in-law Jethro
God spoken through Moses in Mt. Sinai through a Burning bush
Object God gave Moses when he called him to be leader of the Israelites Wooden staff
Followed Moses to Pharoah's court Aaron (Moses' brother)
Sent by God when Pharoah refused to set the Hebrews free Plague
How many plagues were sent by God 10
Plagues in order 1. Nile turned to blood, 2. frogs, 3. lice, 4. flies, 5. murrain on cattle, 6. boils and disease among men, 7. thunder, lighting, hail, 8. locusts, 9. sun darkened, and 10. death of the firstborn
First plague Water turned to blood
Plague directed against the Egyptian sun god darkness
Fifth plague that suffered from murrain cattle
Plague formed from the dust of the ground lice
Last plague death of the firstborn
Other name for last plague Passover Feast
The Israelites has to apply lamb's blood to doorposts
How did Israelites have to eat during the Passover standing up
The Old Testament Passover Feast was replace in the New Testament by the Lord's Supper
What is the passover lamb compared to in the Bible Jesus Christ
How many years had it been since God had promised Abraham that Israel would be delivered? 400 years
At what time of day did the Israelites leave Egypt middle of the night
What direction did the Israelites travel South
What bones did they carry out of Egypt Joseph's
How did God lead the Israelites by day? cloud
How did God lead the Israelites by night? pillar of fire
What miracle did God do when the Hebrews came following the Israelites part the Red Sea
What did the Israelites do immediately after crossing the Red Sea sang praises to God
Created by: jcubangbang
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