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Stack #21271

Trinidad and Tobago Laws

Name The Eight Defences applicable to a charge of Assault and Battery? Lawful Chastisement; Consent; Self Defence; Mistake; Lawful Sports; Defence Of Property; Execution Of Legal Process and Accidental Jostling.
Under the Domestic Violence Act, 1999 State three forms of powers given to a Police Officer? 1. The power of Entry 2. The Power of arrest without a warrant and 3. The power of arrest where a protection order is in force.
What is the duration of a Interim Order? An Interim Order may be made for such a period of time as the Court considers necessary but shall not exceed a period of twenty-one days.
What is the duration of a Protection Order? A Protection Order may be made for such a period as the Court considers necessary but shall not exceed three years.
What is Abetting? This is generally thought that such conduct should take place at the time of the commission of the offence, which means that Abetting may only take place at the scene of the crime.
Who is An Accused? A pesron charged in an Indictable case.
Who is A Defendant? A person whom against a complaint is made.
What is Animus Furandi? The Intention of Stealing.
What is Breaking? It is the interruption of the line of continuity of a building, either internally or externally, in which there was no such interruption before.
What is Hearsay Evidence? Hearsay refers to assertions made out of court, which is later used in court as proof of the facts contained in a stament. However these statements can fall into an exception where it is used merely to prove that the statement was made.
What is Burglary? Any person who in the night breaks and enters a dwelling-house of another with intent to commit any arrestable offence therein; or breaks out having committed any arrestable offence therein...
What are the ingredients to prove Burglary? 1. Intent; 2. Night; 3.Arrestable Offence; 4. Breaking In or Breaking Out; 5.Entering; 6. Dwelling-House of Another (I.N.A.B.E.D.)
What is an Assault? An Assault is an act which intentionally or possibly recklessly causes another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful personal violence.
What is Battery? It is any act by which the defendant intentionally or recklessly inflicts unlawful personal violence upon the victim.
What is a Common Assault? It is an assault carried out with a deadly weapon and constitutes the pointing of a firearm at a person meanacingly; or striking a person with such firearm. Fake, loaded or not the offence is committed once the victim apprehends a fear of being assaulted.
What is Obstruction? Any act done intentionally by any person which makes it more difficult for a police officer to carry out his duty.
Explain what is meant by Burden Of Proof? He who alleges must prove. It is where the prosecution at the begining of a trial must produce facts and evidence that forces the defence to respond, this causing the legal and evidential burden to shift.
Explain what is meant by Standard of Proof? It is the standard to which the court must be convinced by the evidence tendered, before the party bearing the burden of proof can succeed in their case, or to have a reasonable finding of fact in their favour that they had set out to prove.
What does "Alias" mean? It indicates another name for a person.
What is Larceny? A person steals who, without the consent of the Owner. Fraudulently and without a claim of right made in good faith, takes and carries away anything capable of being stolen, with intent at the time of the taking permanently to deprive the owner thereof;
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