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RADT465 PatientCare

ARRT registry review covering patient care content area

A radiographer who discloses confidential information to unauthorized people is guilty of invasion of privacy
When disclosure of patient's information is detrimental to the patient defamation
Spoken defamation slander
Written defamation libel
An infection caused by physician intervention (procedures/treatment) iatrogenic infection
Reaction characterized by anxiety, syncope, nausea, and lightheadedness mild reaction
Reaction characterized by laryngo/bronchospasm, hypotension, urticaria, angioedema, and tachycardia anaphylactic reaction
Reaction characterized by bradycardia, hypotension, and no detectable pulse vasovagal reaction
Antiarrhythmic used to prevent or treat cardiac arrhythmias lidocaine
Bronchodilator epinephrine
Vasodilator (2) Nitroglycerin and verapamil
A small container that holds a single dose of medication ampoule
A large container that holds a number of doses of medication Vial
An amount of fluid to be injected Bolus
An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism fomite
A site where an infection organism can remain alive reservoir
An animal host of an infectious organism that transmits the infection via bit or sting vector
A form of mechanical obstruction where meconium (first feces of a newborn) becomes hardened and impacted meconium ileus
An obstruction caused by loss of peristaltic movement of the intestine paralytic ileus
A vascular reaction resulting in dilated capillaries and edema and causing the patient to break out in hives urticaria
Medical term for nosebleed epistaxis
A feeling or a sensory response that precedes an episode such as a seizure or a migraine headache aura
The ethical principle that is related to the theory that patients have the right to decide what will or will not be done to them autonomy
The idea of doing good and being kind beneficence
Term to describe congenital clubfoot talipes
Incomplete separation of the tibial tuberosity from the tibial shaft osteochondritis (Osgood-Schlatter disease)
When cleaning the radiographic table it is important to clean from least contaminated to most contaminated AND from the top down
The unlawful laying of hands on a patient (ex. performing the wrong exam on a patient) battery
The threat of touching or laying hands on someone assault
A crushing chest pain caused by a circulatory disturbance of the coronary arteries angina pectoris
Treatment for angina pectoris used to dilate the blood vessels nitroglycerin
Position when the head is positioned lower than the feet trendelenburg
The normal average rate of respiration for a healthy adult 12-20 breaths/min
Double-contrast studies of the large bowel are particularly useful for demonstration of the bowel wall (ex. polyps)
The destruction of pathogenic microorganisms through the process of disinfection medical asepsis
The removal of all microorganisms and their spores surgical asepsis
Created by: rgrieger