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SCI: Complications (PTA)

Autonomic Dysreflexia Noxious stimulus (i.e. bladder: full, catheter kink, infection; pressure ulcer, extreme temperature change, tight clothing, ingrown toenail high BP, severe headache, blurred vision, stuffy nose, profuse sweating, goose bumps below level of lesion, vasodilation above level of injury -Position: Sitting -Medical Emergency (life threatening!) Check for... 1. catheter blockage 2. bowel impaction
DVT embolus (blood clot dislodged) LE swelling, pain, sensitivity & warmth over area of Bed rest & anticoagulant drug, maybe surgery
Orthostatic Hypotension loss of sympathetic control of vasoconstriction & absent or severly reduced muscle tone dizziness, light-headedness, nausea, blacking out when going from horizontal to vertical -monitor vital signs -compression to LEs -tilt table (gradual position change)
Pressure Ulcers sustained pressure, friction, shearing reddened area that persists; an open area -Prevention: frequent position changes -Skin care -Nutrition & hydration -Surgery if advanced
Spasticity internal or external sources (i.e. stress, decubiti, UTI, b/b obstruction, temperature changes, touch) increased involuntary contraction of muscle groups, increased tonic stretch reflexes, excessive DTRs -Medications -PT: positioning, aquatic PT, WB, FES, ROM, resting splints, inhibitive casting
Created by: s1234
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