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Robotics Unit 1

Spot welding used to join two pieces of sheet metal by passing a high electrical current through a small spot where the two pieces touch.
Arc welding used to join two heavy, solid pieces of metal with the heat from a high-voltage spark.
Electrode consumable metal rod
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Controller the "brain" of the robot.
Teach pendant a miniature control panel connected directly to the controller with a cable.
Dead man's switch A stop switch that requires the operator to hold it continuously
Mechanical Structure the backbone of the robot.
Manipulator the part of the robot designed to perform the specific task of the robot. It is most commonly in the shape of a multi-jointed arm.
Inputs information sent to the robot through sensors.
Outputs Signals from the controller that instruct the robot to DO something.
Brainstorming The process of creating a pool of ideas for analysis and testing.
Analysis all the ideas generated by brainstorming are reviewed and the most promising ideas are kept for further review.
Prototype In engineering, the first physical model of a design.
Optimization Making modifications to meet all specifications defined in the problem identification stage.
Presentation involves delivery of everything needed to actually build your product.
Iterations A single cycle through a repeating sequence of steps.
motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
PWM pulse width modulation
gears transmit motion and force in machines
Bearing component used to reduce friction in a machine
Shafts connecting links between the motors, gears and wheels
Radio control refers to the use of radio signals to remotely control another device.
802.11g radio control standard VEX robots use
electromagnetic waves created when electrical impulses are sent through the atmosphere at a specific radio frequency.
arcade control you can control the robot’s drive train with one joystick, similar to operating an arcade game.
vertical channel moves the robot forwards and backwards.
horizontal channel rotates the robot left and right.
Created by: BHS Engineering