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Tainos Natives in the west indies that Columbus made contact with.
Conquistadors Spanish Conquerers
Hispaniola The islands where conquistadors and columbus lived
Aztecs Great Indian empire from Mexico
Incas Great indian empire in present day Peru
Tenochtitlan The Aztec capital which after became Mexico city
New spain Most important spanish province situated in Mexico
Viceroys Representatives who ruled each spanish province in the name of the King
Audencias Lesser spanish officials who helped the viceroys rule
Council of the Indies Group appointed by the king of spain to pass laws for spanish provinces in america
Plantations Large estates
economiendas The right of spanish colonists to demand labor or tribute from the Native population
Peons Workers forced to labor for a landlord to pay off a debt
New laws of the indies 1542, ended the enslavement of the negative americans in spanish america
Peninsulars People born in spain
Creoles American born descendants of spanish settlers
Mestizos People of mixed native american and european descent
mulattoes People of african and european descent
New france Present day Newfoundland, canada
Jamestown First permanent colony (13 in total)
Treaty of Paris Ended the French and Indian war in America
Middle Passage The voyage of slave ships from Africa to America, About half of the slaves died
Inflation Rise in prices due to an increase in the amount of money available
Colombus Exchange The exchange of people, animals, plants, technology, and disease between Europe and Americas
Capitalism The investment of money to make a profit
Price Revolution The rise of prices in Europe during the global age
Entrepreneurs Enterprising merchants who provided money that financed trade
Mercantillism Policy by which a nation sought to export more than it imports in order to build up its supply of gold and silver
Hernan cortes Spanish conquistador who conquered the aztecs
Malinche Indian woman who served as cortes interpreter
Montezuma Aztec emperor who was defeated by cortes
Quentzalcoatl The aztec god king who long ago vowed to return from the east
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas in Peru
Atahaulpa The incan ruler in Peru
Bartolome de las Casas Catholic priest who spoke out against the treatment of the natives
Samuel Champlain Built the first French settlement in Quebec
Joint Stock Companies Private trading companies in which shares are sold to investors to finance business ventures
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