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computer an electronic device that perfoms complex and raiply using information and intruction receivesand stores infirmation
gwam overall typing speed regardless of how many errors you make
keyboard arrangment or set f keys
science computer science of computer
keyboarding a set of keys usally aranged in tiers, for operating a type writer type setting machine,computer terminalor the like
hardware metal articles or parts
software writing or orinted program, information and the like used a computer
fluency skill a speed language pathology term that means the smothless or flow which sounds,syllabes,words and phrases are joined together when speaking quickly
touch typing typ useing all one fingers and without looking at the keys
psychomotor skill learning is demonstrated by phsysical skillseem as movement ,coordination,manipultion ,dexterity ,grace,strenght, speed :action which demonstrate the fine motor skill such as use of precision intruction or tools
business work or activity that is a person source of livelihood
posture a position of a person's body when standing or sitting
ergonomics the study of people efficiency in their working environment
my vocabulary to study
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