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Sign of the beaver 1

sign of the beaver vocabulary test

plodded 1. To walk heavily or with great effort; trudge. 2. To work in a dull laborious way; drudge.
disposition 1. A person's usual mood or spirit; nature; temperament. 2. A tendency or inclination. 3. A particular arrangement. 4. Settlement. 5. Transfer of something to another, as by gift or sale.
goaded 1. A pointed stick for driving oxen or other animals by pricking them. 2. Something that drives or spurs; incentive. 3. To drive with or as if with a goad.
chagrined 1. A feeling of embarrassment or distress caused by a disappointment or failure. 2. To annoy, embarrass, or distress.
rasping 1. To make a rough, harsh, grating, sound. 2. To say in a harsh, grating voice. 3. A harsh, rough, or grating sound. 4. To scrape or grate with or as if with a file. 5. To irritate. 6. A rough file having sharp points rather than ridges on its cutting su
relenting To become gentler or more compassionate.
gourd 1. A fruit related to the pumpkin, with a hard outer shell. 2. A ladle, drinking cup, or other container made from a dried gourd. 3. The plant bearing this fruit.
genial 1. Friendly and kind; cheerful. 2. Giving warmth and comfort; helping life or growth.
boisterous 1. Noisy and wild 2. Stormy.
gaunt 1. Very thin and bony, as from illness or hunger; worn. 2. Gloomy and barren; desolate.
flaunting 1. To wave or flutter freely, as flags. 2. To call too much attention to; show off.
indignant Angry because of something that is not right, just, or fair.
improvise 1. To make up (music, verse, or a speech) at the time of performance and without preparation. 2. To make offhand from whatever material is available.
indifference 1. Lack of interest; unconcern. 2. Unimportance.
immense Very large; huge.`
nimble 1. Light and quick in movement; lively. 2. Quick in grasping or understanding; keen.
tribute 1. Something, as a speech compliment, or gift, given to show admiration, gratitude, or respect. 2. Money or other payment given by one ruler or state to another as an act of submission or as the price o peace and protection. 3. Any enforced payment.
slender 1. Not very wide in proportion to the length or height; slim; thin. 2. Not large or strong; slight or weak. 3. Small or inadequate.
scrawny Lean and bony; skinny; thin.
placid Calm; peaceful.
Created by: NekoNinja2461