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Chapter 2 Technology

Who are today's teachers? They are mostly white females.
What are some grade levels? Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, High, and Non-Traditional
What are multiage classrooms? Classrooms with children in multiple grades and/or of different ages
What are some non-traditional school settings? Private schools, charter schools, alternative schools, magnet schools
What are some specialized teaching areas? Art, music, physical education, vocational, special education
What is an IEP? An Individualized Education Program
What is an RTI? Response to intervention, a way for teachers to ensure that special needs students are learning the best they can
What are ELLs? English Language Learners
How can teachers be role models? Teachers present good morals to the students, and can act as a mentor.
How can teachers be problem solvers? Teachers must fix problems as they arrive, such as Wordle not working or a child misbehaving, Plus they do their job in front of 30-40 people a day.
How can teachers be reflective thinkers? Teachers must see how their lesson went and adjust it according to the students' reactions and needs
What are some knowledges needed to teach? Knowledge of subject, knowledge of self, knowledge of students, pedagogical content knowledge, knowledge of how to use research, knowledge of how to use technology
How is teaching considered professional? All of the profession is done at the school. You have total autonomy over what happens in your classroom, and you are self governing as to how you teach. Plus you get good benefits
What are some professional teaching organizations? National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (FET).
What are some types learning communities? PLCs, Peer Coaching, Staff Development, Team Teaching, Co-Teaching
On average, how many decisions does a teacher make daily? About 3,000
What is pedagogical knowledge? The knowledge of how to teach.
What are the six points of interior reflective thinking? Perception, communication skills, persistence and task commitment, creativity, values and principles and construction of knowledge base.
How do you become high qualified according to the NCLB? 1. Have a bachelor's degree 2. Full state certification 3. knowledge of the subject taught.
What are the praxis exams? I. Pre-professional skills tests II. Subject assessments III. Teacher performance assestments
Created by: DaniLove7
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