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RAD456: Reg. Review

ARRT Registry Review: Patient Care

Which blood vessels are best suited for determination of pulse rate? Superficial arteries; Deep arteries; Superficial veins; or Deep veins..... Superficial arteries. The radial pulse is the most often used. Lange Q&A pg. 1
An iatrogenic infection is one caused by....Physician intervention; Blood-borne pathogens; Chemotherapy; or Infected droplets? Physician intervention. Examples include infection following surgery and nausea or other illnesses following prescribed drug use. Lange Q&A pg. 1
A radiographer who discloses confidential patient information to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of: Libel; Invasion of privacy; Slander; or Defamation? Invasion of privacy. However, if the information is detrimental or otherwise harmful to the patient, the radiographer may also be accused of defamation. Spoken defamation is slander; written defamation is libel. Lange Q&A pg. 1
What is the FIRST treatment for extravasation of contrast media during an IV injection? Apply a hot compress; Apply a cold compress; Apply pressure to the vein until bleeding stops; or Remove the needle and locate a sturdier vein immediately? Pressure should be applied to the vein until bleeding stops. The a cold pack can be applied to the area to relieve pain and elevate the part. Lange Q&A pg. 6
The medical abbreviation meaning "after meals" is which of the following? tid; qid; qh; or pc The abbreviation pc means after meals. Lange Q&A pg.
The normal average rate of respiration for a healthy adult patient is which of the following? 5 to 7 breaths/min; 8 to 12 breaths/min; 12 to 20 breaths/min; or 20 to 30 breaths/min Between 12 to 20 breaths/min for an adult. It is much higher for children, which is 20 to 30 breaths/min Lange Q&A pg. 12
Which of the following is the most effective method of sterilization? Dry heat; Moist heat; Pasteurization; or Freezing? Moist heat Lange Q&A pg. 8
In pediatric imaging, a neonate usually describes which of the following. Preschooler; Toddler; Infant; Newborn? Newborn Lange Q&A pg. 14
The practice that is used to retard the growth of pathogenic bacteria is termed? Antisepsis; Disinfection; Sterilization; Medical Asepsis? Antisepsis Lange Q&A pg. 14
In reviewing a patient's blood chemistry, which of the following BUN ranges is considered normal? 0.6 to 1.5 mg/dL; 4.5 to 6 mg/dL; 8 to 25 mg/dL; or Up to 50 mg/dL 8 to 25 mg/dL is normal range for BUN. Normal creatinine levels are 0.6 to 1.5 mg/dL Lange Q&A pg. 8
A cathartic is used for which of the following? Inhibit couching; Promote elimination of urine; Stimulate defecation; or Induce vomiting Stimulate defecation Lange Q&A pg. 5
What is the needle angle that is usually recommended for IV injections? 90 degrees; 75 degrees; 45 degrees; or 15 degrees 15 degrees Lange Q&A pg. 5
A small container holding several doses of medication is termed which of the following? An ampoule; A vial; A bolus; or A carafe A vial Lange Q&A pg. 2
In classifying IV contrast agents, the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water defines which of the following? Osmolality; Toxicity; Viscosity; Miscibility Osmolality Lange Q&A pg. 2
The legal doctrine res ipsa loquitur means which of the following? A matter settled by precedent; A thing or matter settled by justice; The thing speaks for itself; Let the master answer The thing speaks for itself Lange Q&A pg. 3
An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism is termed which of the following? Vector; Fomite; Host; Reservoir Fomite Lange Q&A pg. 3
In which stage of infection do the infective microbes begin to multiply? Latent period; Incubation period; Disease phase; Convalescent phase Incubation period Lange Q&A pg. 3
Another term used to describe nosocomial infection is which of the following? Iatrogenic; Healthcare-associated infections; Droplet; Airborne Healthcare-associated infections Lange Q&A pg. 5
The medical term for hives is which of the following? Vertigo; Epistaxis; Urticaria; Aura Urticaria Lange Q&A pg. 10
If a radiographer performed a lumbar spine exam on a patient who was supposed to have an elbow exam, which of the following charges may be brought against the radiographer? Assault; Battery; False imprisonment; or Defamation Battery Lange Q&A pg. 11
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