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ffilmiau comedi comedies
ffilmiau antur adventure films
ffilmiau ias a chyffro thrillers
ffilmiau rhamant romances
ffilmiau hanesyddol historical films
ffilmiau arswyd horror movies
ffilmiau cowboi westerns
ffilmiau cerdd musicals
ffilmiau ffug wyddonol sci-fi films
Dw i'n hoffi ffilmiau... I like...films
Dw i'n dwli ar ffilmiau... I love...films
Ond mae'n well gen i ffilmiau... But I prefer...films
Dw i ddim yn hoffi ffilmiau... I don't like...films
Dwi'n casáu ffilmiau... I hate...films
Mae'n gas gen i ffilmiau... I hate...films
achos mae'r plot yn... because the plot is...
ar y teledu on tv
ar DVD on a DVD
yn y sinema in a cinema
gyda ffrindiau with friends
gyda'r teulu with the family
gyda fy nghariad with my boy/girl friend
ar y penwythnos on the weekend
yr wythnos a week
y mis a month
unwaith once
dwywaith twice
Fy hoff ffilm ydy... My favorite film is...
Fy cas ffilm ydy... My least favorite film is...
Fy hoff actor ydy... My favorite actor is...
Fy hoff actores ydy... My favorite actress is...
achos mae nhw'n... because they are....
achos mae nhw'n blentynaidd because they are childish
achos mae nhw'n di-bwynt because they are pointless
achos mae nhw'n hawdd i wylio because they are easy to watch
achos mae nhw'n diddorol because they are interesting
achos mae nhw'n diflas because they are boring
achos mae nhw'n ddoniol (dros ben) because they are (extremely) funny