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Study Stack 2015

super dank

Vocab WordAnswer
Characteristics of a civilization (7) social structure, writing system, stable food supply, government, religion, art + architecture, technology
Social Structure a system where people of a civilization have certain duties and social status
Writing System a civilization that has characters that are recognized as a whole and legible.
Stable food supply a surplus in crops from a civilization that does not rely on other civilizations
government a stable group of civilians that participate in the order of a society
religion something followed by most or all in a civilization culturally
art and architecture buildings of abstract and advanced technology
technology basic things such as a sewer system or air conditioning that lead to the convenience or comfort of a civilization
Abrahamic religions the three religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam
Christianity an Abraham religion that worships Jesus, listens to the bible, and believes in heaven and hell
Judaism an Abraham religion that worships Moses, the new testament, and worships at a synagogue
Islam an Abraham religion that worships the Five Pillars of Faith, studies the Qua'ran and worships the Caliph (prophet)
Monotheism believing in only one God or Higher power
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