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CPCE Review

A few questions to study for the CPCE and NCE

Kohlberg's theory of moral development includes 3 progressive levels culminating in... principled thought, wherein the individual adopts a self- accepted set of standards of behavior.
A professional counselor determines fees for monthly consultation services on a job-by-job basis. This is an example of which of the following types of reinforcement schedules? variable ratio
Research on the development of a person in a so-called "humanistic life outlook" has shown that it is facilitated by -formal educational experiences. -observational learning experiences. -diverse interpersonal interactions.
When persons who are characteristically shy and withdrawn participate in "assertiveness training," initially they experience uncertainty and self-doubt. Counselors refer to this social psychological concept as cognitive dissonance.
Men (used here to mean all people) are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them." This quote, attributable to Epictetus, most closely describes the counseling theory developed by Ellis.
The counseling technique in which the counselor intensifies the client's emotional state in order to help the client understand the irrationality of the emotional reaction is known as paradoxical intention.
Counselors know that groups are formed for different purposes. For example, in some groups the primary goal is to yield some specified outcome, or "product," Which of the following types of groups is more product than process oriented? Behavioral
In the context of group counseling, members that are high in conformity also tend to be high in authoritarianism.
A counselor who structures a career counseling group to help group members understand a "fields and levels" approach to careers is following the theory of Roe
The concept of "career maturity" has been described and researched most extensively by Crites.
Person Aand Person B both took the same test. Person A got a score of 100 while Person B got a score of 75. a counselor to determine the difference between their scores was because of "chance," the counselor need to know which characteristics of the test? standard error of measurement
A counselor conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of on-going group career counseling on the vocational maturity of high school sophomores.The study was in September until June. study is to which threats to the validity of an experiment maturation
A counselor designs a two experimental groups and one control group complete pre- and post-experiment measures of self-concept. The subjects were not randomly assigned to the groups. Which techniques is MOST appropriate for analyzing the resultant data? analysis of covariance
As applied to professional licensure of counselors, the term "reciprocity" means that one licensing agency agrees to accept the licensing standards of another as sufficient for its own
According to Erickson, when an individual fails to develop a strong sense of identity, the individual will have troubles with the development of: intimacy
Which of the following is the correct sequence of stages in Freud's theory of personality development? . Oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
Jacob's father tells Jacob to clean his room. When Jacob asks why, his father responds, "Because I said so." The father's response is most representative of which parenting style? . Authoritarian
Harry Harlow used baby monkeys and several different kinds of "surrogate mothers" to investigate which factors are important in early development and attachment. According to his findings, baby monkeys: preferred a soft terrycloth "mother" to a wire-mesh "mother" that held a bottle
Which of the following is a myth about suicide in the United States? Asking someone about suicide may push that person over the edge
Cody does what his parents say because he doesn't want to lose his television privileges. This is an example of what level in Kohlberg's theory of moral development? Preconventional
The theorist associated with bonding and attachment is: Bowlby
Henry, a 72-year-old widower, reminisces with his daughter about his life. He talks about his successes and regrets. This is an example of Erikson's: ego integrity stage
When it comes to displaying aggression, girls more often engage in ____________ aggression than boys. relational
All of the following are physical characteristics of Down Syndrome EXCEPT: flattened face
Which of the following statements is true when considering cultural and familial influences on self-esteem? An authoritative parenting style usually allows children to have especially high selfesteem.
Research on gay and lesbian parents indicates: . They are as dedicated to and effective at child rearing as are
In the Stanford prison study, what caused the guards to treat the prisoners harshly? The social context
In the original studies, Milgram and his colleagues found that people were more likely to disobey under all of the following circumstances EXCEPT when __________. the victim was in an adjoining room so the "teacher" heard every sound the victim made
Created by: Ciera9105
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