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Fossils and Soil Vocabulary

A large mass of slow moving ice that flows down a slope glacier
When snow, ice, rain, and wind break apart or wear away rock into smaller pieces weathering
The dropping of sediment by wind, water, ice, or gravity deposition
A large mass of dropped sediment at the mouth of a river delta
The decayed remains of plants and animals humus
The type of soil that has very small particles (pieces) and is tightly packed together clay
The type of soil that water moves very easily through sandy
The type of soil that we have in Georgia red clay
The top layer of soil with the most humus top soil
The layer of soil that is solid rock bedrock
The preserved remains of a plant or animal that lived long ago fossil
A scientist who studies fossils and organisms that lived long ago paleontologist
Plants that have turned into rock petrified
Tree sap that has gotten very hard amber
The thing that amber protects insects
Created by: msyancey3rd