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Abbreviations used for Prescriptions

gtt Drop
Fx Fracture
dx Diagnosis
sx Symptom
hx history
bx Biopsy
c with
s without
h.s. bedtime
q. every
q.i.d. 4 times a day
q.o.d. every other day
p post
p.c. after meals
p.o. by mouth
p.r. per rectum
p.r.n. as needed
ad lib as desired
sc, sq, subq, S.C. subcutaneous
stat immediately
V O Verbal order
T. O. Telephone Order
tr tincture
ung ointment
ID Intradermally
IU International Unit
IV Intravaneously
AD Right ear
AS Left ear
AU Both ears
OD Right eye
OS Left eye
OU Both Eyes
supp Suppository
b.i.d. twice a day
t.i.d. three times a day
dr dram
gr grain
mcg microgram
mEq milliequivalent
q.d. every day
q.h. every hour
q2h every 2 hours
q3h every 3 hours
q.a.m. every morning
tx treatment
ante before
tr tincture
nr no refills
tud take as desired
qhs every night at bedtime
sig directions
loc locally
qs sufficient quantity
rec rectally
qs ad add enough for sufficient quantity
noc night
qid 4 times a day
pv per vagina
lot lotion
pp as needed for pain
DAW dispense as written
dr dram
disp dispense
D/C, disc discontinue
D/C discharge
BS Blood Sugar
BP Blood Pressure
D10W 10% in water
ud as directed
cap capsule
D5 1/2 NS 5% dextrose in NaCl
achs before meals and at bedtime
ASA aspirin
atc around the clock
LA long acting
HBP for high blood pressure
w, wk weekly
cpd, comp compound
TR timed release
syr syrup
ed enteric coated
sr sustained release
SOB shortness of breath
app apply
disp dispense
pulv powder
aff affected
el elixir - clear sweet hydroalcholic solution
-gynec woman
brady slow
tachy fast
-algia pain
-pathy disease
-phobia abnormal fear
-penia decreased number
-pepsia digestion
-phoresis carrying, transmission
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breathing
-rhexis rupture
rrhea flow, discharge/ urea
-sclerosis hardening
scope instrument for viewing
scopy process of viewing
somnia sleep
spasm twitch
stasis control
stenosis narrowing
thorax chest
renal, nephro kidney
hepto liver
buccal cheek
rhino nose
sublingual below tongue
LR lacted ringers
N/V nausea and vomitting
-emesis vomiting
mist a mixture
mixt mixture
emia blood
ectomy surgical removal
itis inflamation
logy study of
megaly enlargement
osteo bone
myo, mylagia muscle , muscle pain
gastro stomach
arthro joint
aden gland
oma tumor
carcino cancer
Enteric coating special coating to prevent dissolution in stomach
ha headache
gi gastrointestinal
neuro nerve
transdermal therapeutic system patches to provide continuous, controlled release through the skin
lot lotion - suspension that contains meds to cool, soothe or protect skin
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