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Night chapeter 1-9

vocab for night chapters 1-9

absolutely; in an unqualified way Profoundly
likely to cause an epidemic disease Pestilential
trivial; not important Insignificant
completely lacking or empty Devoid
coaxing by flattery Blandishments
known widely and unfavorably; infamous Notorious
an eyeglass for one eye Monocle
leaving one area to settle in another Emigration
returning to health after an illness Convalescent
short, humorous stories Anecdotes
restrictions constraint
a family name Surname
necessary supplies, such as food Provisions
hindered; restricted Encumbered
sealed against the entry or escape of air Hermetically
clear understanding Lucidity
people who are expelled from a country Deportees
written discussion of a topic Treatise
sadness; depression Melancholy
an act of lamenting lamentation
not occupied, a great rift; hole void
to cause to loose flesh so as to become very thin emaciated
pass, go by elapsed
weak, small feeble
without rest relentlessly
lack of emotion or feeling apathy
expressing sorrow plaintive
harmful influence contagion
vigor; energy vitality
ashen; pallid livid
to take something away from deprive
remote, secret places recesses
the least desirable portion dregs
the limit of one's resources or endurance tether
left alone by death bereaved
to beat or hit thrash
disorderly raucous
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