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How much does Latin America Span? 7,000 miles
Amazon river flows how many miles? 4,000 miles
The amazon river is feed by how many tributaries? 1,000
how far is the Parana River? 3,000 miles
How many acres of rain forest worldwide are destroyed annually? 50 million
How long did the PRI ruled for 71 years
When did the Opposition parties make gains? 1997
What year did inflation come back? 1989
What are the high and low Birth rates and what states are they in? Haiti 28 Puerto Rico 10
What are the high and low Death rates and what states are they in Urugua 10 French Guiana 3
What are the high and low IMR and what states are they in Haiti 42 Cuba 4.2
What are the high and low TFR and what states are they in French Guiana 3.5 Puerto Rico, St Lucia, Antigua, and Barbuda 1.5
What are the high and low GNI PPP and what states are they in Trinidad and tobago 26,220 Haiti 1,750
What are the high and low +65 and what states are they in Martinique and puerto Rico 17 Haiti & Belize 4
When did Hernando Cortes land on Mexican coast? 1519
When did Agustin de Iturbide lead Mexican independence and becomes emperor? 1821
When did Bentio Juarez lead reform and becomes president? mid-1800s
When did the new constitution give half of farmland to peasants. 1917
When did the PRI become a political party? 1929
When did Vicente Fox become president? 2000
How many percent of school-age kids are in class? 85%
When did Mayans abandoned many cities? 800s
Spain ruled until when? mid-1800s
when did the UNited Provinces of Central America formed? 1823
United provinces split apart by what year? Late 1830s
When did Columbus thought he'd reached East indies? 1462
When did Haiti achieve independence from france? 1804
When did the Spanish-American War give cube independence from Spain? 1898
when did Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago become independent from Britain? 1962
What percentage of the world's coffee and bananas come from Central America Plantations? 10%
When did the Panama Canal get finished? 1914
When did the Incas established their empire? 1500
When did South American countries seek independence? early 1800s
What is the adult literacy rate? 95%
what is the young people literacy rate? 98%
when age does children attend school? 6-13
How many natives where in the area before colonists arrive? And what year? 1-5 million early 1500s
When did Brazil seek independence? 1815
When did Dom Pedro declare independence? September 1822
How many native people remain in the Amazon rain forest today? 200,000
how many lived within 200 miles of ocean? 80%
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