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Chapter 20,and 21 test

sentece sentence
Waves only transfer ____ they don't transfer _____. Energy, Matter
In order for a sound wave to travel you have to have a ______. ______ _____ _____and ______ don't need a medium. Medium, Light x-rays, microwaves
As we saw with the running fork lab,________ occurs when two objects vibrate at the same ______. Resonance, frequency
When you cut the ______ of a wave in half, the ________ doubles. Frequency, wavelength.
As reflected sound wave creates an _______. Echo
On a _____ wave, compressions are the particles crowed together. Longitudinal.
When two _____ overlap, the amplitude increases and this is called ______ ______ Crest, constructive interference. Jgkgjktffūu
An example of q mechanical wave is an _____ wave. Ocean.
The amplitude of a wave shows the ________ of a wave. Height.
_______ is the equating for a wave. v= t x f
The frequency of a wave is described using _______. Hertz
When a wave is _____ it is ben and the image is distorted. Refracted.
A _______ is not a medium. Vacuum
__________ are sounds with frequencies higher than _______ hertz. Ultrasonic sounds, 20,000
The _______ is when either the listener or the source moves. Doppler effect.
The frequency of a sound wave is determined by the ______ of the sound. pitch
The medium that the sound wave is traveling through affects the ______ sound. Speed.
A father pushing his laughing child on the swing is the _______ ______ because she is moving back and forth and the frequency and pitch are changing. Doppler effect.
Remember pitch deals with ______ not ______ so don't use decibels when dealing with pitch. Choses the Highest amount of hertz. Hertz, decibels
Constructive interference occur when _________ overlap and the sound _________ like in speakers. Compression, increases
A person hears ______ _____ when the shock waves reach them. Sonic boom.
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