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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Projects in Contemporary Organizations

Project management today is: a flexible method for managing large or small endeavors.
What are the three primary objectives of projects? Stay within budget, within time constraints, within scope
The two primary tasks of the Project Manager are what? Managing tradeoffs and anticipating and addressing risks to the project.
A universal characteristic of all projects is that projects are: unique
If the primary goal of a project is to produce 10 new widget designs, what might be an important ancillary goal? Determine skill & creativity level of the design department.
What is a "quasi-project"? A situation in which all of the three primary project objectives are ill-defined.
Most of the credit for developing project management techniques belongs to: the military.
Actual experience with PM indicates that _________ organizations using it claim to experience better customer relations and increase in their ROI. a majority of...
A common negative aspect of implementing PM is __________ greater organizational complexity.
Project management has resulted in an overall ____. decline in the use of traditional hierarchical management.
The largest amount of effort applied to a project is during the ________ phase. planning, scheduling, monitoring, and control