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EM Radiation

Wave and Quantum Theories

Define Photon. Discrete bundle of energy. (darcie haha!)
Does a photon have mass or form? no
How do photons travel? sinusoidal waves
Define Electromagnetic Radiation. oscillating electric and magnetic fields that travel in a vacuum with the velocity of light
Define velocity. speed of light in a vacuum Conventional: 186,000 miles/sec MKS: 3 x 10^8 m/sec CGS: 3 x 10^10 cm/sec
What is amplitude? height of the wave
What is wavelength? How is it measured? What is it's symbol? Distance from crest to crest or trough to trough; Angstroms; lambda
What is frequency? How is it measured? what is its symbol? # of waves per unit of measure; Hertz; Nu
What is the formula for velocity? C = frequency x wavelength
What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency? indirect
what is the relationship between energy and frequency? direct
What is the formula for energy? E = frequency x plank's constant (h)
How is the electromagnetic spectrum arranged? ionizing vs. non-ionizing; by energy; by frequency; by wavelength (dx.between .1-.5 angstroms)
What is plank's constant? 4.15 x 10^-15 eV
What are some factors that affect attenuation? patient, grid, filter, etc.
What is the relationship between kVp and attenuation? indirect; more kVp= more penetration= less absorption= less attenuation; less kVp= less pentration= more absorption= more attenuation
How does e-/gram or density of matter affect attenuation? More density means more attenuation. ex. bone more attenuation; air = less attenuation
Define LAC. Linear attenuation coefficient: numerical value assigned to each pixel represents degree of blackening based upon the attenuation
Define MAC. Mass Attenuation Coefficient= numerical value assigned to each pixel represents degree of blackening based upon the attenuation, varies per state of matter
Radio-opaque vs. radiolucent blocks xrays... lets xrays through
Relate the following: kVp, attenuation, LAC, Density low kVp= high attenuation= high LAC= low density / High KvP= low attenuation= low LAC= high density
What is the inverse square law? The intensity of radiation is inversely realted to the distance squared. I1/I2= D2^2/D1^2
What is the formula for relativity? E= mc^2 Energy= Mass x Constant^2 C= speed of light in a vacuum
Unit of measure for power watts
unit of measure for electrical charge coulomb (C)
unit of measure and symbol for wavelength angstrom, lambda
unit of measure for frequency hertz (Hz)
Conventional and standard international units of measure for radioactive decay Curie (conv) Becqlurel (SI)
Conventional and standard international units of measure for exposure in air Roentgen=R (conv)Coulombs per kg/Air kirma (SI)
Conventional and standard international units of measure for absorbed dose Rad (conv) Gray (SI) pt. dose
Conventional and standard international units of measure for Dose equivalent REM (conv) Sievert (SI)
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