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Social Vocabs

Subregion smaller area of a region
Archipelago group of islands
Tributary a small river that flows into a larger river.
Estuary an area where river currents and ocean tides meet.
Canopy an umbrella-like covering of leaves.
Altitudes a place’s height above sea level
Jade a shiny, green semiprecious stone.
Hieroglyphics a form of writing that uses signs and symbols
Empire a large territory with many different people under one ruler.
Cash Crop farm products growth for export
Communist State government control of the economy.
Immigration the movement of people
Carnival a large festival on the last day before lent
Mural a large painting on a wall
Plaza public
Plantation large farm that raises a single crop to sell.
Literacy Rate the percentage of people who can read or write.
Common Wealth self-governing territory
National Debt money owed by the government
Default to miss a debt payment
Landlocked having no border with ocean or sea.
Pass space people can use to travel through a mountain range.
Deciduous trees that lose theirs leaves
Coniferous evergreen trees that have their seeds in cone.
Classical civilization of ancient Greece and Rome.
Emperor all powerful ruler.
Pope head of the Roman Catholic Church
Urbanization growth of cities
Secular non-religious
Bog low swampy area
Bilingual person that can speak 2 language
Neutrality refusal to take sides in a war between other countries
Potash mineral use to make fertilizer.
Fossil Fuel energy supplies of oil, coal, or natural gas
Taiga large coniferous fossils
Smog a thick haze of fog and chemicals
Pollutant chemical and smoke particles that cause pollution
Missionary person who moves to another area to spread the religion
Czar emperor
Navigable deep, ​wide, or ​safe enough for a ​boat to go through
Nationalism feelings of loyalty toward a person’s country
Autonomy independent from something
Middle Class a social group that is neither very rich nor poor
Silt small particles of rich soil.
Phosphate mineral salts used to make fertilizers.
Poaching illegal hunting or fishing.
Oasis area of fertile in a desert
Steppe grassy plain that borders a desert.
Rationing the limiting of a resources to people.
Maize corn
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