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Curr dev stack 1

antecedent stimulus An environmental condition or stimulus change existing or occurring prior to a behavior of interest.
Applied behavior analysis (ABA) The science in which tactics derived from the principles of behavior are applied to improve socially significant behavior and experimentation is used to identify the variables responsible for the improvement in behavior.
baseline data Data collected before implementing an intervention.
behavior The activity of living organisms.
behavioral objective A statement concerning the learner, the behavior, the conditions under which the behavior will be performed, and the criteria for evaluation; that communicates a proposed change in behavior targeted for increase or decrease.
consequence A stimulus change that follows a behavior of interest.
environment The conglomerate of real circumstances in which the organism or referenced part of the organism exists.
extinction The discontinuation of reinforcement of a previously reinforced behavior.
intervention Any change in a person's environment that is designed to change that person's behavior.
negative reinforcement Occurs when the removal of a stimulus immediately follows a response and increases the future frequency of that type of behavior in similar conditions.
operant conditioning The arrangement of environmental variables to establish a functional relation between a voluntary behavior and its consequences.
operational definition Providing concrete examples of a target behavior, which minimizes disagreement between observers as to if/when the behavior has occurred.
pinpointing Specifying, in measureable, observable terms a behavior targeted for change.
positive reinforcement Occurs when the presentation of a stimulus immediately follows a response and increases the future frequency of that type of behavior in similar conditions.
stimulus control The relation in which an antecedent causes behavior or serves as the cue for the behavior to occur, due to the history of reinforcement of that behavior while in the presence of the relevant antecedent.
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