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Phantom of the Opera

What instrument did Christine's father play? Violin
When does the story take place? 19th Century
What happens after Christine sings at the retirement party? Erik makes his first appearence
How do Christine and Raoul know each other? Childhood friends and Raoul's family took her in
What causes Raoul to become so angry right after he reunites with Christine? Christine rejects him and acts like she doesn't know him
Why don't the new managers believe in the opera ghost? because they think he old managers are playing a trick.
What is the amount of money? 20,000 francs
What happens the night managers didn't listen? Chandelier falls and kills Giry's replacement
Why did the OG let Christine go the 1st time? Because he thought Christine loved him enough to come back
Why does Christine insist on performing one last time? Because it was duty and compasstion
How do Raoul and the Persian get into the cellar? Through the mirror
Why do the managers lock them serves into the office? TO try and catch the OG
Why does Raoul follow Christine to PG? Because he loves her and she sends him a note
Why is Raoul's and Christine's engagement a secret? To hide from the OG and because of their social class
How do Raoul and the Persian enter Erik's house? Through a trap door in the third cellar and the torture chamber
What does the Torture chamber look like when activated? An African forrest
What is in the barrels? Gunpowder
What happens if Christine refuses the Phantom? Everyone dies with the gunpowder
What causes to Erik to let them marry? He is given love and then feels unselfish loves and lets her go
How were Christine and Raoul notified of his death? In the newspaper
How did Erik discover the lake? He was a worker there
Monsieur Remy Secretary for the managers
Isidore Saack The man who bought Box Five when the managers sold it and his leg was broken.
Monsieur Lachenal Stud groom
Created by: 16esmith