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CTC SkillsUSA Knowle

CTC SkillsUSA Knowledge Test

A person's income before deductions? gross income
A goal that describes your plans for retirement? long term goal
Three parts of a speech? Introduction, body, closing
A person who works for another for compensation? employee
Factor that most influences the choices you make? personal interests
What is the current SkillsUSA theme? SkillsUSA Champions at Work: Skilled and Motivated
Positive skill to resolve differences in opinions and ideas? negotiations
Instrument used to gather information from a large group of people? survey
What is NOT part of the SkillsUSA dress? White socks
Traits which make people want to be around you? Personality, appearance, positive attitude
Can goals change periodically? yes
You can give a message to somebody by: Speaking, writing, & body language
Resumes include: Name, awards, skills, work experience
Searching the web for ideas of interest to you is a good way to? define your future occupation
Term concerning minorities, such as sex, race, weight, age equity
Can both men and women be sexually harassed? yes
Volunteering in some activity tied to your school? service learning
Distinct differences (like customs and beliefs) between different groups in society? cultural diversity
Sudden unrestrained offering of ideas by all members of a group to seek solutions to problems? brainstorming
What is the SkillsUSA motto? Preparing for leadership in the world of work
Learning style: focus on abstract ideas; reason, test and evaluate evidence question and test style
Learning style: uses feelings, originality and images emotions and value style
Learning style: prefers to work with people or through helping others social-people style
Parts of a goal statement? what, when and how events are to happen
In the PDP book, an arrow in the flow chart represents? flow of steps or events
In the PDP book, a circle in the flow chart represents? answers at decision points
A person who uses or benefits from products and services customer
What color pen should be used when filling out a job application? Blue or black
A good way to identify the benefits of doing a community service project? contact a community service agency or organization that is involved in the type of service you are considering
Process that includes a sender and receiver each giving feedback to the other? communication
Executive Director of National SkillsUSA? Tim Lawrence
SkillsUSA Maryland Director? Chuck Wallace
Components of the SkillsUSA emblem? shield, flaming torch, hands, gear, orbital circles, and letters SkillsUSA
SkillsUSA official attire? red blazer, white shirt, black pants or skirt, black shoes, black belt, and black socks or hose
Created by: ctc