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French Travel Terms

boarding pass The document you receive when paying for an airline ticket; tells which seat the passenger is allowed to sit in during the flight.
connecting flight A type of travel arrangement that requires a passenger to change planes before reaching their final destination.
customs The common term for U.S. Customs service, the federal agency in charge of protecting what items are allowed to enter the country when a flight arrives.
destination The geographic place to which a traveler is going.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival; the time the plane is scheduled to land at its destination
economy/coach class The most economical, least-fancy part of the plane. Typically at the rear of the plane. Seats are smaller and closer together than the first class section.
first class The front passenger section of the airplane; seats in this area are the most expensive but the seats are larger and more comfortable. First class seating has the most benefits.
itinerary The complete schedule and travel arrangements for a trip.
jet-lag A general feeling of weakness or sleepiness passengers often feel at the end of a flight that travels across several time zones.
layover/stop The amount of time a connecting passenger has between flights before reaching the final destination.
leg A portion of the journey between two scheduled stops.
non-stop A flight that does not stop between the point of departure and the destination.
one way A type of travel that does not include a scheduled plan to return to the original location.
passport An official document issued by a government certifying the holder's identity and citizenship allowing them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.
round trip A flight schedule that takes a passenger from the point of departure to the destination and then back to the point of departure.
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