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Ch. 38

intro to pharmacology

ac before meals
AM morning; before noon
- c with
h hour
pc after meals
pm afternoon
PRN as needed
s without
stat at once
bid twice a day
q every
qid 4 times per day
tid 3 times per day
x times
cap capsule
gtt drop
po by mouth
sl sub-lingual
tab tablet
top topical
ung ointment
g gram
mg milligram
mcg microgram
mL milliliter
oz ounce
od right eye
os left eye
ou both eyes
ad right ear
as left ear
au both ears
SOB shortness of breath
c/o complains of
a; an without
algia pain
angin; angina chest pain
ant; anti against
bio; biotic life
broncho bronchi to lungs
cardio heart
coag; coagulate clot
constrict narrow
convulsion seizure
de; dis away or free from
dilate; dilator enlarge or widen
diur; diuret removing fluid
entero intestines
emeto; emetic vomiting
emia in the blood
expecto cough up
gastro stomach
glyco sugar; blood sugar
hyper high
hypo low
lip; lipid fat
neoplasm; neoplastic new growth
psycho mind
rhythm; rhythmic refers to regularity of the heart beat
tension; tensive refers to blood pressure
tussis; tussive refers to cough
vaso blood vessel
list the purposes of medication prevent illness, treat or relieve symptoms, to diagnose, replacement therapy, toxic drugs, and to cure
give an example of a medication that prevents illness HepB vaccine
give an example of a medication that treats or relieves symptoms blood pressure medication
give an example of a medication that diagnoses contrast dye
give an example of replacement therapy insulin
give an example of a toxic drug antineoplastic drugs
give an example of a drug that cures a disease antibiotic
absorption passage of a drug into the body's bloodstream through the digestive system, mucous membranes, or kin
action ability of a drug to act on body processes at the cellular level
administer to give a medication to a pt as directed by a physician
adverse effect result of taking a drug that is not therapeutic and may be unpleasant or harmful
allergy immune response to a medication that results in inflammation and organ dysfunction
anaphylaxis severe allergic reaction
contraindication condition under which a drug should never be used
cumulative medication action action of repeated doses of a medication that are not immediately eliminated from the body
dispense to prepare or deliver medications
distribution transport of a drug to body fluids, tissues, and cells
dosage physician's indication of how much and how often a pt should take a drug
dose amount of a drug a pt takes each time
drug any substance that when taken into a living organism may modify one or more of its functions
drug class grouping of drugs by their therapeutic effect, the body system effected or their action
efficacy ability of a medication to produce a desired effect
excretion elimination of waste products from the body
indication approved use of a drug as approved by the food and drug administration
interaction effect in the body as a result of a combination of a drug with food or another drug
local effect impact of a medication that is specific only to a certain part of the body
metabolism change to a medication by the body which converts it to an inactive water soluble compound for excretion
opiate class of analgesic drugs that depress the central nervous system aka narcotic
over the counter type of drug that can be obtained w/o a prescription
pharmacodynamics study of the body's biochemical and physiological response to drugs
pharnacokinetics study of the action of drugs as they move throught he body, including absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
pharmacology study of drugs and their origin, nature, properties, and effects on living animals
pharmacotherapeutics study of the use and effect of drugs in the treatment and prevention of disease
polypharmacy high-risk situation in which a pt is taking multiple medications, thud increasing the risk of adverse effects
prescribe to indicate a drug to be administered
systemic effect impact of a medication throughout the body
teratogenic effect adverse effect of a drug on a developing embryo or fetus
therapeutic effect desired response in the body from a prescribed drug
tolerance need for increased dose of a drug to produce the same effect
toxic poisonous or harmful
what are the factors that affect drug action age, weight, sex, pregnancy, environment, food, fluids,pathological states, genetic factors, psychological factors
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