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phase 1 midterm

phase 1 midterm review

________________ learners learn best by listening, watching and sharing. Interactive
Your ability to learn is one of the most important keys to your _______ as a student. Success
An outline is most helpful for ________. Taking notes
The ______ step of writing a paper includes both outlining and writing. Drafting
_____________ was a famous Egyptian barber who practiced his skills 6,000 years ago. Meryma'at
The _____ was mostly worn by priests in the Middle Ages. Tonsure
In ancient Rome, a women's ______ was a sign of her class. Hair color
Among the early cultures, the _____ was a sign of strength, wisdom, and manhood. Beard
The colors of the __________ are derived from the practice of bloodletting. Barber pole
In the late 1800's, members of employee organizations were called __________ barbers. Journeymen
Tobacco should be avoided for _________, along with drugs and alcohol. Stress management
Rapport is an example of an _______ relationship, Empathetic
Owning a chain of barbershops is a ____________ goal. Long-term
An example of a __________ goal is having five regular clients. Measurable
Planning, flexibility and regular ________ of goals are all elements of effective goal setting. Reexamining
Household bleach is a chemical agent of ________. Decontamination
Significantly reducing the number of pathogens on a surface is the definition of _____________. Sanitation
In a "____________" solution of sodium hypochlorite, the percentage of sodium hypochlorite is 8 percent, 8 percent
You must read the ________ directions for quats, phenols, and any disinfectant solutions. Manufacturer's
The ______ does some testing of products, but it is not responsible for documenting the quality or safety of the product. FDA
_______ should not be worn on the index or middle fingers. Rings
Mixing left over chemicals is extremely _______. Hazardous
Destroying all living organisms on an object or surface is known as _________. Sterilization
______ have no odor. Quats
Chemical disinfectants are the _________ agents used most often in barbershops. Sanitizing
Hard ______ combs are durable and cost effective. Rubber
A _____ comb is used for sectioning long hair. Tail
The ______ of the blades of shears is call the set. Alignment
The wedge and ______ grind are the two general types if grind. Concave
The water hone is used with a piece of slate called a ______. Rubber
Russian shell strops are made of _______. Horsehide
When honing a razor, use a _____ stroking motion. Diagonal
To perform a professional facial, a barber does not need to be _________ about the services offered by competing barbershops. Knowledgeable
The ______ is a broad muscle that extends from the chest and shoulder to the side of the chin. Platysma
The _____ is part of the epicranius. Frontalis
Stimulating the nerves causes the ______ to expand and contract. Muscles
The sense of smell is controlled by the ________ nerve. Olfactory
The seventh cranial nerve is the chief ______ nerve of the face. Motor
The _______ nerve affects the motion of the tongue. Hypoglossal
______ skin may receive soothing, mildly stimulating, or strongly stimulating massage treatments. Normal
Slapping, tapping and hacking movements are used in __________. Percussion
Muscle fiber is _______ by proper massage. Strengthened
The part being massaged reacts with a change in its ______ activities such a more active circulation. Functional
Massage movements should be ______ from muscle insertion to origin to avoid damage to muscular tissue. Directed
The ______ is not recommended for use on inflamed or acne-prone skin. Rotary brush
The device used to apply current to the client's skin during _____ is called an electrode. Electrotherapy
Disincrustation is the ________ reaction produced by a galvanic current. Chemical
Iontophoresis is performed with the ________ current Galvanic
The skin can be warmed and relaxed with _________ without changing the temperature of the body as a whole. Infrared rays
________ treatments are used to correct blackheads, aging lines, and other conditions. Corrective
_________ skin lacks water. Dehydrated
Cleansing _______ are usually water-based. Lotions
A freshener is the _____ choice of tonic lotion for mature or sensitive skins. Best
An ________scrub physically removes dead cells from the skin surface. Exfoliating
When performing a paraffin wax mask, the paraffin is applied over _______. Gauze
The __________ backhand stroke is used for making the left sideburn outline. Reverse
________ daily mustache maintenance by avoiding cutting into the natural hairlines too deeply Minimize
A good hairstyle _________ the client's best features. Accentuates
_______ cutting lines are perpendicular to the floor. Vertical
A _______ elevations is most commonly used in men's haircutting. 90-degree
The outer perimeter of the haircut is known as the _________. Design line
When the hair is combed away from its natural fall position, ______ occurs. Over-direction
In finger-and-shear techniques, the fingers and shears work together; in _________, the comb is used in place of the fingers. Shear-over-comb
Generally, a _____ cut is followed by shear-and-comb work to fine-tune the cut or to perform the arching technique. Clipper
In _______ clipper cutting, placing the hair in a position to be cut and removing excess cut hair is done with a comb or hair pick. Freehand
A _____ style "fades to nothing" at the hairline. Fade
The _____ is held almost flat against the hair surface in light taper-blending. Razor
Cutting or tapering the hair _____ to a part will cause the hair to stand up. Close
One of the most popular types of braiding is _________. On-the-scalp cornrows
Twisting, wrapping, and palm or finger rolling are methods of creating __________. Cultivated locks
A small hairpiece or wig on the top of the head is called a ______. Toupee
The _____ of a hairpiece depends on the way it is constructed and the kind of hair that is used. Quality
_______ hair hairpieces are usually cleaned with shampoo and conditioner formulated for hair replacement systems. Human
_______ from the client's hair are used for a color and texture guide for ordering a hairpiece. Cuttings
When applying a lace-front hairpiece, attach two-sided tape to the _________ parts of the foundation. Reinforced
Created by: BSPittsburgh
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