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Opioid receptors...? mu, delta, kappa, sigma, epsilon
Opioids used in moderate pain? Codeine, Darvocet, Hydrocodone, Dihydocodeine
Opioid 'gold standard' for severe pain? Morphine
Most common side effect of opioids? Constipation
The strongest opioid, 80-100x as potent as morpine? Fentanyl
Elderly taking opioids high risk for? Falls due to sedation
Very young or old may require? Lower doses and longer intervals
Cardiovascular effects of opioids? Decreased BP due to histamine release as well as direct effects on venous & arterial vasculature
Psychological dependence associated with extreme behavior patterns of procuring & consuming the drug? Addiction
Increasing amounts of agent to produce equivalent level of efficacy? Tolerance
Rapid discontinuation past prolonged administration results in withdrawal symptoms (dysphoria, anxiety, volatile mood, HTN, sweating, tachycardia)? Physical Dependence
Created by: txst spr 2009