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Spine Anatomy

Arthrology Lecture 2/17/ 2009

What are joints of the vertebral bodies/ discs called? intervertebral jts
Joints of the vertebral processes are called? facet jts
Intervertebral discs are found between what levels of the spine? C2-S1
Fibrocartilage seperated from body of vertebrae by hyaline cartilage describes what structure? cartilaginous end plate
Secondary cartilage means? remains cartilagenous in adulthood
No blood supply and no innervation describe what part of the IV disc? nucleus pulposus
This part of the IV disc attaches to cartilaginous endplates and outer 1/3 has blood supply and innervation. annulus fibrosis
Facet joints are ____ synovial joints plane
What are the 3 components of a synovial joint? joint capsule, synovial membrane, and articular cartilage.
Where is the atlanto-occipital joint located? between the atlas and occiput
What type of jt is the A-O jt? synovial condyloid joint
What mvmt does the A-O jt allow for? head nodding
Where is the atlanto-axial jt located? between atlas and axis
The A-A has ___ median and ___ lateral joint. 1 median, 2 lateral
What cervicle jt allows for 55-58% of head rotation? atlanto-axial jt
This atlanto axial jt is a synovial pivot jt. median jt
This atlanto axial jt is a synovial plane jt. lateral jts
The medial atlanto-axial jt is made up of what vertebral structures? anterior arch of atlas C1 and dens of C2
What vertebral structures make up the lateral jt of the A-A jt? lateral masses of C1 and superior facet of C2
This lig runs from the atlas' ant tubercle to the sacrum anterior longitudinal ligament (ALL)
The ALL attaches to the ____ surface of the vertebral ___ and ___. anterior, bodies and discs
What mvmt is the ALL designed to limit excessive extension
Which is stronger the AlL or the PLL and by how much? the ALL is 2x stronger
This ligament is continuos superiorly as the anterior atlanto-occipital membrane. ALL
The A-O membrane attaches to what? anterior arch of atlas, and anterior margin of foramen magnum
This ligament attaches to the posterior vertebral bodies from C2-S1. posterior ongitudinal ligament (PLL)
This ligament continues superiorly as the tectorial membrane. PLL
Which ligament ALL or PLL is designed to resist flexion? PLL
The tectorial membrane attaches to what? posterior surface of dens, and anterior edge of foramen magnum
What are the ligaments of the vertebral arches (5)? ligamentum flavum, supraspinous ligament, ligamentum nuchae, interspinous ligament, and intertransverse ligaments
This ligament connects to lamina from C2-C5, is 80% elastin and 20% collagen. ligamentum flavum
What gives the ligamentum flavum its yellow color? the 80% elastin component
The yellow ligament countiues superiorly as what? the posterior O-A membrane and the posterior A-A membrane.
The posterior A-O membrane attaches to what? the posterior arch of the atlas and posterior margin of foramen magnum.
This ligament connects to the tips of SPs C7 to approx L3/4 and is well developed in the lumbar spine. Supraspinous Lig
The supraspinous lig countinues superiorly as the ___ ____. ligamentum nuchae
This lig offers little resistance fo seperation of SPs, however there is little consensus on this information. supraspinous ligament
This lig extends from C7 to external occipital protuberance and its exact role is not yet determined. Thought to be involved with A/P stability. ligamentum nuchae
This ligament connects the vertebral spines and offers litle resistance to fexion. interspinous ligaments
This ligament connects to the TPs, is well developed in the lumbar spine, seperates ant and post mm of spine, and ability to limit lateral flexion is thought but questionable. intertransverse ligaments
Where are the jt capsules strongest in the spine? at the transition regions of the spine
What lig is found at the A-A median jt? Cruciform (cruciate) ligament, transverse and longitudinal.
The transverse component of the cruciform lig goes around the ____. dens
The longitudinal bands of the cruciform lig attach to. foramen magnum and the axis
This component of the cruciform lig prevents anterior displacement of C1 and C2. transverse lig
What two populations have to be considered when treating area of upper spine? Downs syndrom and RA.
Loss of integrity of this lig in an absolute referal with not treatment in cervical spine. transverse lig
Which would be damaged first if there were an injury at C1 C2 juncion, the dens or the trans lig? the dens
The alar ligaments attach where? the dens to the medial surface of occipital condyles.
Alar lig limits A-A ____. rotation
What structures in the vertebral column limit ROM and need to be considered when assessing motion? IV discs, shape/orientation of jt, capsule, and ligaments.
Created by: txst spr 2009



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