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Vocab 8 - orange


awkward not skillful or graceful, hard to handle, embarrassing
clatter to make short, sharp sounds by rattling or banging together
gallant showy in appearance, brave, showing courtesy, very attentive
clatter a hard rattling sound, busy excitement, noisy chattering
gallant a fashionable young gentleman, a suitor
lukewarm only moderatly warm, not hot but not cold; without enthusiasm
plentiful in great supply, easily available more than enough
ration a portion of food for one meal or one day; food or supplies; a share
ration to pass or give out in limited portions; to limit the use of
reserve to hold back or set aside; to save for future; store for later use
scholar a learned person; an expert in a field of study, someone who studies with a teacher; a student who gets a gift of money to pay for education
smolder to burn slowly with smoke, but no flame; to show pent-up feelings
trudge to walk or march slowly and with difficulty or tiredness
trudge a long tiring walk
volunteer a person who chooses to join or do a service ; someone who gives time or effort without pay; to do freely
weary feeling tired, worn out; having no more patience; to make tired to grow tired
Created by: amygor34