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Spa Setting CH 14

Archaeological studies and written accounts tell us that the earliest spas were found at the source of _________ or in the case of the ancient romans at sites to which water was redirected by means of aquatics. Natural Springs
Sanitas per aqua or Health through water means: SPA
During the height of roman empire the average citizen used ____ gallons of water per day. 300 gallons
As _______ civilization spread, so to did the use of the baths. Many Roman outposts were built at the site of a spring so that a bath could be constructed there, as occurred from northern Africa all the way to England. Roman
________ himself, the founder of Islam, recommended sweat baths. He taught his followers that the heat in the hammam, which in Arabic means "spreader of warmth" improved fertility, and he wanted his flock to be fruitful and multiply. Mohammed
_________ is where the springs became known as Onsen Japan
in ________ spa philosophy always has been and continues to be more remedial and medically oriented than spa philosophy in the New World. Many European health plans pay for spa treatments. Europe
_________ created their own early spas by pouring water over heated stones in small enclosures known as sweat lodges or kivas. Native Americans
The first spa was ____________ in California which opened in the 1950's the Golden Door
Of the spa services performed ______ remains the most popular by far. Massage with 60% of all spa guests receiving a massage or body treatment.
Average age of clients is approx.____ 40
Those who receive massage outside of the spa are around ____years old 30
Ave income is more than _____ and over half of them hold college degrees 70,000
six major types of spas are ___ ____ ____ ___ ___ ___ Day, Destination, Hotel/Resort, Club, Medical/Dental, Mineral Spring.
Reason most people visited spas in 2005: Weight Loss
_______ is one of the best known destination spas in the world. Many therapists would consider it a dream job to work here. Canyon Ranch
A ___________spa is where guests visit for a few hours a day, no sleepover accommodations are available. Day Spa
The following points are important to keep in mind when practicing in a spa setting: Scope of Practice, Intake Procedures, Optimal # of Massages per day, Timing of Services, Guest Greetings, Preparation & Cleanup.
Avg # of massages per day is___ 5
If Massage intake procedure is not in place ... suggest one to management or find another job
Many states have no law of # of massage employers can ask a therapist to perform. However spas that overwork therapists soon develop a poor reputation
Massage Therapists may find massage in a spa onerous because time limitations, giving the same massage over and over... Therapists need to find ways to make their work fresh meeting this challenge is the essence of giving a good massage.
Why is it not a good idea to give a client extra time? Because the client may tell other clients who may become jealous
If the therapist is paid for their time it is their responsibility to productive work to do to fill the hour. such as tidying the treatment room, client notes, cleaning,
Is it ok to solicit tips? Never ask for tips DUH!
_______ and _____ are almost essential for spas of any size to offer on their menus. Aromatherapy and Stone Massage.
When people use this term they most often mean a spa's basic massage offering. Swedish or Relaxation Massage
________ treats bones and membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord to free restrictions in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, increasing overall health and relieving pain and stress. Craniosacral Therapy
_____ is a system of treatment that channels universal healing through the practitioners hands into and around the clients body sometimes without direct hand on application. Reiki
_______ is a treatment given with both guest and therapist are submerged into chest deep warm water(90-98*) the therapist floats stretches and massages guest to open joints improve mobility and open energy pathways to promote healing. Watsu (Meaning Water Shiatsu)
2 reasons it is challenging for therapists to give high quality therapeutic massages in a spa setting clients have low expectations no complaints or pains and simply don't expect more than relaxation. #2 is because of time restraints I spa settings.
To create a sense of timelessness within a strict time limit slow down focus on the moment and learn to use inner clock
When is it a better time to speed things up? between treatments refresh yourself.
How to Avoid burnout? get enough rest, get bodywork done, take time off and practice in moderation.
What common stones are used for treatments? Basalt, which are volcanic in origin are used for hot stones and marble are used for cold stones.
Water in the heating container must be kept between? 110-140*
When stones are sticky from lubricant you can use _____ to clean them? Alcohol
_________Drains superficial tissues, a non invasive way to improve appearance in the comfort of a spa setting. Cellulite Treatment
____________ prepares skin to absorb spa products cleanses away dead skin cells and imparts a healthy glow. Exfoliation
Contraindication of a herbal wrap? Claustrophobia
Contraindication to a seaweed wrap Allergies to iodine which is found in many seaweeds
Contraindication to a Vichy shower NONE
________ is used in almost all spas in one form or another Aromatherapy
Essential oils have a shelf life of________ if they are tightly capped, kept in dark bottles out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place. several years
In common essential oils ________notes last the longest and are often sweet smelling and calming. Base Notes
____ is useful for headaches, wounds, bruises, insect bites, oily skin, acne, swelling, insomnia, mild depression Lavender
______ drops of essential oil needs to be added for each ounce of carrier oil. 12-15 drops
Popular essential oils for aromatherapy baths are: Chamomile, Lavender, Rose, and Rosemary.
Essential oils to avoid for aromatherapy baths are especially cooling or highly stimulating oils such as: Peppermint, Ginger, or Juniper
______ Assists the skin's regenerative process, aids in absorption of spa products, cleanses and promotes overall hygiene, gives glow and shine to skin. Exfoliation
To exfoliate back and back of legs use _____ motion Circular
Sea Salt glow often utilizes salts from the dead sea, which are high in minerals a few are: ____________ ___________ _________ ____________ Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium bromine,
Wrap for heating the body and detoxification? Herbal Wrap
# Characteristics body wraps have in common? Comfort and security, Warmth, Enclosed Enviroment
Top Characteristics of a successful spa therapist Caring and Open Hearted
Giving a full treatment massage to somebody on the spas staff such as a supervisor Interview massage
Therapists who expect to move into a higher position need to get involved with the overall operations of the spa at an early stage True
Some spa resources are? Spa magazines, spa books, spa associations, spa trade shows, spa websites
One important thing to keep in mind Is that spas are first and foremost a business
Created by: marissa255
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